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Impact of US Recession in its Textile Industry and Chinese Fabric Exports
Read Article on Impact of US Recession in Textile Industry, Impact of US Recession in Chinese Fabric Exports and The China Syndrome on US Recession. Chinese currency appreciation and the meltdown of
The State and Scope of Luxury Retailing in India
Article By Jagriti Mishra On The State And Scope Of Luxury Retailing In India, Luxury Goods Industry Is Quite Different From Regular Goods. Even Indian Luxury Market Which Is Still In Its Nascent
Retail boom fuelled by IT in India and China
Retail boom fuelled by IT in India and China by Nilotpal Chakravarti - Free Retail Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion Article,
China and Its global embroidery machine market
China having 70% distribution in Global Embroidery Machine Market of Computer Embroidery Machine. The demand pattern indicates that various models of lock-stitch embroidery machines still occupy
Challenges faced by China in the Export Market
Growth Of China In Textile And Garment Industry, And Challenges Faced By China In The Export Market, Growth Of Chinas Textiles And Garment Exports In The International Market Is Experiencing A
Luxury Market sees boom in China
Luxury Market Sees Boom In China, Chinese Luxury Market Makes It Impossible For Global Luxury Product Manufacturers, Luxury Market Including Jewelry, Leather Products, Fashion Apparels, Perfumes,
Why are apparel makers in China moving to Xinjiang?
Apparel manufacturers of China can gain development in Xinjiang. Apparel manufacturers have many opportunities in Xinjiang due to increasing amount of support through government subsidies.
Top 10 zipper brands in China
In this post, we will have a brief idea about the top 10 zipper brands in China, including SBS zipper, YKK, etc. that make up the top Asia rival teams.
China's textile dominance: Change is in the air
Chinese textile products leads dominance of China in textile market. Rising wages of laborers are playing a spoilsport for Chinese garment industry.
Textile Monitoring Program (TMP) - By USA to Control the Flooding Exports of China
Read Article on Textile Monitoring Program, Statistics of U.S. Clothing and Textile Trade with China, US textile groups seek TMP - Textile Monitoring Program and Efforts of USA to Control Flooding
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