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Sew Innovative
As the fashion industry gets ready to find out what is in store at the China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show (CISMA) in Shanghai next month, here's a look at how the sewing machinery
Post Olympic scenario of Chinese dyes and chemicals industry: An in-depth analysis
Fibre2Fashion shares the views of some of the traders & companies from China regarding the "Post Olympic Scenario of Chinese Dyes and Chemicals Industry".
Counterfeit Soccer Clothing hurts South African Clothing Industry
South African Clothing Industry: 2010 World Cup Counterfeit soccer clothing including Bafana Bafana shirts Hurts South African Clothing Industry. Bafana Bafana shirts were made in China and Lesotho.
India Dresses up World in Denim
Denim Market: Denim Market India will be #1 in Global Denim Market because China has reduced its cotton acreage. Many Denim Mills and Denim Manufacturers in India now expanding its production and
China, Turkey Grow in Apparel Production, While World Growth Declines
Overview of Apparel Manufacturing - Production of basic consumer items such as textiles, apparel and footwear remained high in developing countries - with gains in China and Turkey due to rising
BRIC countries attract global retailers
BRIC Countries and BRIC Markets benefits for Global Retailers due to BRICK Retail Growth. BRIC Countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China are having strong Markets and Increasing Retail Growth.
ASEAN Countries : New Kids on the Block
ASEAN Countries Textile Exports is increasing due to rising cost of labor in India and China. Textile Exports of India and China is decreased due to ASEAN Countries Textile Exports to United States,
Decline in Chinese cotton consumption impinges the Global Market
Decline In Chinese Cotton Consumption, Cotton Markets Drastic Fluctuations In Economic Crisis Of 2008, Increase In Financial Markets Causing Job Losses. USDA Cotton Outlook. China Largest Consumer Of
Grip of China: A Daunting Effect on Indian Exports
Indian Apparel Exports: China is famous in world for its low cost product and offer cheapest rates in India and all over the world. Almost 60% of world trade for Apparels and textiles are from China.
Will Indian silk make a brawny entry into the US market?
Indian Silk Fabric: India is largest importer of silk and Indian and china together producer 80% of the world raw silk fabrics. 90% of Multivoltine Silk made in india and EU and US market have demand
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