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Briefing on the Chinese Garment Industry
Briefing on the Chinese Garment Industry
India: Emerging as an alternative to China
India: Emerging as an alternative to China
Is US-China Trade War In Offing?
Article by The Stitch Times, US textile industry, growing stronger by the day, US textile manufacturing industry, led by NCTO determined lobbying campaign with the US Government, restrictions on
Indian Garment Exports and the China syndrome
Article By The Stitch Times On Indian Garment Exports And The China Syndrome, Discussed About The Future Holds Forth For Garment Exporters From India And Any Possibility Of Reimposition Of Quotas On
Will Obama play a tough role against China?
President Obama Has Been Critical Regarding The Monetary Policy Of China. But Now, Critics Are Voicing Disappointment, The Obama Reign May Prove to Be a Turning Point in the US Trade Policy with
The history of textile art across cultures in India
Historically, being a painter or a stamp artist did not mean you could become a textile artist, says John Miller.
Wider Yuan Trading Band Means Slower Appreciation
Wider Yuan Trading Band - Yuans Wider expanding the trading band was the next step of China. Article on, How Chinese Ministry is in favor of a controlled foreign exchange system.
China's slowdown, India's acceleration
Ever since the Chinese currency was devalued last year and the stocks, there has been talk everywhere of whether India can make the best of the situation.
China dominates because of its govt's support policy
China dominates because of its govt's support policy
China May Lose 'Cheap' Tag on Rising Yuan, Labour Costs
The era where Chinese labour was cheap and adjusting has now come to an end with workers demanding better pay and hygienic working conditions.
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