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China takes centre stage with responsible apparel production
China's textile and apparel sector has made astounding progress in recent years, but it is now realising that progress at cost of the environment might be hazardous
Soybean Fiber Application Stepping into a New Stage in China
Soybean Fiber Application Stepping into a New Stage in China
Chinese Refuse to Bow Down on Yuan Appreciation at IMF Meeting
Yuan Appreciation and Appreciation of Yuan and Chinese currency. China continues to act stubbornly against any pressure to let Yuan appreciate, giving rise to currency dispute. China Refuse to Bow
China - losing appeal as a preferred sourcing destination?
Sourcing From China - Apparel manufacturers chose China for Textile Sourcing. International Apparel Buyers found China Sourcing Risks and moving to Vietnam, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia
Odds against China's Supremacy in World Garment Export Market
Read Article on Odds against Chinas Supremacy in World Garment Export Market, Problem Faced by China in Garment Export Market and The Chinese Strength. Then there has been an inevitable damage caused
China's Textile and Clothing Poised for Further Growth
Chinas Textile and Clothing Industry Growth - An article about the Chinas Textile Industry grow at the same level. Chinas Textile and Clothing Industry, Chinese Apparel Industry Plays the Main Role
The Great Malls of China
The Great Malls of China
Getting In & Out of China
Getting In & Out of China
China's luxury market set for expansion
Chinese customers are having an increasing appetite for buying big-ticket items. Global brands are using this attitude to tap Chinas luxury market.
China InterDye 2010
China InterDye 2010
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