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Interview: Josh Gartner, Senior Director - International Communications, JD.com
Senior Director - International Communications, JD.com,Mr. Josh Gartner discusses about demand for eCommerce in rural areas of China in Face2Face, Fibre2fashion.
Interview: Erdogan Uludag, GM & Owner, Uludag Tekstil
Owner and general manager Erdogan Uludag discusses China's competitive pricing, impact of Brexit and his future plans.tons with Fibre2Fashion in a Face2Face Interview
Interview: Lihua Zhu, CEO, Dishang Group
Lihua Zhu is the CEO of Dishang Group. Lihua Zhu talks about the current scenario of the textile and garment industry in China and rest of the world.
Interview: Alison Ward, CEO, CottonConnect
Cotton Connect, CEO, Alison Ward shares his views about how sustainable cotton can help cotton farmers in China to fetch bigger margins during Face2Face Interview,Fibre2fashion.
Interview: Anil Anand, MD, HCA Group
Anil Anand is the MD of HCA Group, shares he current market for textile machinery in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China in an interview with Mary Christine Joy, fibre2fahion.
Interview: Constantine Raptis, President, Werner International
Constantine Raptis is the President of Werner International. Constantine Raptis share his views on Chinas textile export growth rate has slowed down from Jan 2014 to May 2014.
Interview: Harkirat Singh, Managing Director, Woodland
Harikirat Singh is the Managing Director at Woodland. Harikirat Singh Harikirat Singh share ups and downs in china textile sector/economy and major achievements of woodland in online retailing and
Interview: Don Cameron, Chairman, Supima
Don Cameron is the Chairman of Supima. Don Cameron apprises that US cotton industry is resilient with the challenges it faces, as well as he believes that China’s cotton reserve is upsetting
Interview: Arnaud Limousin, Managing Director, Brunet International
Brunet International manufactures laces for womens’ intimate apparel. Established in 1911 in France, production was moved to China and Thailand in 2005–08. MD Arnaud Limousin discusses the latest
Interview: Fritz Grobien, President, Bremen Cotton Exchange
Fritz Grobien is the president of Bremen cotton exchange. Fritz Grobien opines that global cotton production is heterogeneous as well as great challenge to farmers, In addition, he tells about China’s
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