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Minimizing strength loss in resin finishing
Resin Finishing or Wrinkle Free Finishing is widely used in the textile industry to impart Wrinkle Resistance to cotton fabrics and garments. The strength of the fiber depends on how much the cross
Outlook and forecast on textile sector, Q3 /2008
Domestic Scenario of Textile Sector will be influenced by the prices of the new cotton crop available from mid-Oct 2008. Read more about Textile Sector Forecast
NewsWrap '19-Select 10: United States
The US and China reached a deal towards the end of 2019 to de-escalate their trade war after 20 months of negotiations and tariff escalations that hampered global growth. China will buy $40 billion of
Will Chinese Supremacy In Garment Exports Continue?
Chinese Garment Export - Chinas garment exports sectors profit gradually decreased thus Garment Exports of China fall down. Will Chinese supremacy in garment exports continue in world?
A Study on the Effectiveness of Blending Tencel/Cotton for Producing Union Fabrics
The creation of new textile fibers with specific qualities to compete with established fibers. New fiber blends have been created to combine many of these qualities into new trade mark.
Textile fabrics: A global overview - Part V
Japanese Fabric Industry is facing a tough competition with China and other Asian countries. Here’s a global overview of Japanese Fabric Industry. Read Now!
A Study on Cotton-Ramie Fabric Reinforced Composites
Fabric Reinforced Composites & Fibre Reinforced Composites: Cotton Ramie fabric is produced by hand lay up method and tensile strength, flexural strength, flexural modulus are studied and results
Sustainable can be fashionable for brands
Transparency and traceability are now key buzz words in the industry, yet companies rarely delve deep enough into their supply chains to have any direct involvement
Stubble Burning: Fashion Can Douse This Fire
In October-November this year, pollution levels in Delhi-NCR reached alarming proportions with stubble burning by farmers in Punjab and Haryana being one of the prime reasons for the hazardous haze
Growing Exports of MMF Textiles
Article By The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council, SRTEPC Aims At Doubling MMF Exports, Indian Textile Sector Is Cotton Dominated, Man-Made Textile Sector In India Comparatively
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