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Textile fabrics: A global overview - Part II
Turkish Fabric Industries are mainly located in Gaziantep, Adana, Izmir, Tekirdag, Usak, Kahramanmaras, Istanbul, Denizli, and Bursa. Cotton Fabric Industry in Turkey has 2.5% share in the global
Biotechnology in Textiles
Biotechnology In Textiles helps Textile Industry for Seeking New Sources of Innovation. Biotechnology Makes Possible To Produce Cotton With Improved Fiber Features. Biostoning Of Denim Jeans Achieved
Growing Exports of MMF Textiles
Article By The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council, SRTEPC Aims At Doubling MMF Exports, Indian Textile Sector Is Cotton Dominated, Man-Made Textile Sector In India Comparatively
Whiteness Evaluation of a Fabric
Article By Ms Vijaya Shanbhag, Fabric Whiteness Evaluation, Sequence Of Processes Carried Out On Grey Cotton Cloth, Colour White Indication Of Truth, Number Of White Objects Such As Chalk Stick,
Organic Textiles Taking Off
Article By New Cloth Market, Organic Textiles Taking Off, Organic Cotton Textiles May Be Finished Using Harsh Chemical Dyes, Outdoor Clothing Manufacturer Patagonia, Offered Recycled Polyester Fleece,
Fabric of Freedom gets Fashionable 'the Khadi'
Khadi Fashion: Freedom Khadi Fabric becomes fashionable. Indian khadi fabric made from cotton khadi fabric, raw silk khadi, matka khadi, poly khadi, tussar silk,etc. Read more about Khadi
Impact of Proposed EU duty Concessions on Pakistan’s Textile Industry: An analysis
Impacts of EU Duty Concessions for Pakistan Textile Industry: EU gives concessions for Pakistan Woven Garments, Knitted Garments, Home Textiles, Cotton Yarn & Fabrics, Synthetic & Polyester,
Effect of Treated Natural Dyed Knit Mesh Material
Knit Mash Fabric - Effect of Treated Natural Dyed on Knit Mesh Material, Fabric Mesh Material, and Knit Mash Fabric was conducted to apply the selected natural dyes in conjuction with mordants. Cotton
Indian Apparel Sector: what's in store for 2011? resurgence & predicaments
2011 Apparel Prices: Indian Apparel Sector was under the pressure of rising prices of cotton yarn for quite some time. Base on Stability on Clothing Prices, Apparel Market Prices, Clothing Market
Egyptian textile industry comes under the global radar
Egyptian Textile Industry: Egyptian Apparel Sector, Egyptian Clothing Industry is second largest sector in Egyptian Country. Egyptian Cotton Industry had contracts with 23 International Country for
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