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Retrieval of Redwork Embroidery into Modern Age
Redwork Embroidery: The name Redwork is derived from red cotton thread was used to make charming style of embroidery. Various types of Redwork Embroidery Designs, Redwork Embroidery Patterns are
Post Olympic scenario of Chinese dyes and chemicals industry: An in-depth analysis
Fibre2Fashion shares the views of some of the traders & companies from China regarding the "Post Olympic Scenario of Chinese Dyes and Chemicals Industry".
Scenario of viscose pulp and fiber industry
Viscose fibres account for the major alternative use for dissolved pulp, with around 2 million ton of fiber produced per annum. Read to know more.
Light and tight or wet with regret
Swimsuit manufacturers like to introduce new swimsuits made from different types of fabric into the market in order to produce a more unique swimsuit product.
Self-Healing Cutting Mats
As a piece of technology gets more and more advanced, and often more complex, one of the biggest problems is repair. As Murphy’s Law states, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, ergo the more
Spinning Excellence
Many spinning mills in India are under a lot of stress, particularly owing to increasing costs of raw material and power. Sanjay Arora and Gagandeep Garg write about the challenges and solutions.
Making responsible fashion accessible to all
In a country like India where pollution levels are high and is ever increasing, we as responsible citizens must make very step count and work towards creating a greener and sustainable environment
The Effects of Different Fabric Types and Seam Designs on the Seams Efficiency
Article by New Cloth Market, The Effects of Different Fabric Types and Seam Designs on the Seams Efficiency, Fabricated textile products require joining fabric together by some means, main focus of
Good price for green cocoons - is it a boon or curse?
Article on Mulberry Silks production, Mulberry Silks production in China and Mulberry Silks production in India and also learn about the present Export-Import Policy of Government of India on Silk by
World's textile machinery imports propel textiles and clothing industry development - An exploratory analysis
World textile machinery segment analysis indicates steady increase. As per international textile machinery imports analysis 2013, China is the major importer of textiles and clothing machinery
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