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Evolution of Vietnam’s Textiles & Garments Industry amid COVID-19
Amid the current Covid crisis, Vietnam, the third largest textiles and apparel exporter in the world, is fast emerging as an alternative to China as companies continue to shift their bases from China.
Spray clothes on yourself Seamless garments with aerosol technology
Aerosol Technology: Fabrican TECHNOLOGY is Spray-on Fabric Non-woven Coating Aerosol Technology Cotton Fibres and Spray Clothes for Seamless Garments,Spray on Seamless Fabrics. Liquid can be sprayed
Innovative Textiles to Detect Blood
Innovative Textiles To Detect Blood, Nanotechnology Offers Viable Solutions For Various Industrial Needs. Nanotube Infused Cotton Yarns, Smart Fabrics Manufactured From Metallic, Optical Fibres.
'Bandhani'- The Tie and Dye Process
Article by Jeff Hardy, Bandhani- The Tie and Dye Process, Tie-dyeing, method used by hand-loom weavers of ancient times, became popular during the craft revival of the 1960s, Discovery of dyed cotton
'Magical Wonder of Wooden Blocks': Fabric Block Printing
Article by Fibre2fashion, Magical Wonder of Wooden Blocks: Fabric Block Printing, curtains, cushion covers, shower curtains, with floral sprays, and delicate patterns, on Fine Cotton Fabrics, Hand
Socks and its Manufacturing
Socks and Cotton Socks Manufacturers: Manufacturing of Socks and Socks Manufacturing Process require quality raw materials used by Socks Manufacturers. Learn more about casual socks, sports socks and
Dyeing of polyester/cotton fibers with reactive AZO disperse dyes in one batch processes dyeing
Dyeing of Polyester Fibers, Dyeing of Cotton Fibers with Reactive AZO Disperse Dyes in One Batch Processes Dyeing. Providing information on batch dyeing process used for dyeing textile materials.
Chinese Fall for 'Fast Fashion'
Fast Fashion: Chinese Fall for Fast Fashion for apparel manufacturers, clothing manufacturers of China. Fast fashion clothing, fast fashion apparels and china’s fast fashion explained at
Future Spinning Technology: Compact Spinning
In the past a number of new spinning technologies have been introduced to compete with ring spinning. While some has application in specific markets
A finger on the pulse of the global economy
Chinese Economy Growth and Textile Industry of China - Chinese global economy is providing solid opportunities in the textile industry because of the huge demand for product at very competitive price.
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