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Polyester market prices hit badly due to coronavirus spread
After the spring festival in China got over, the impact of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was significantly observed in the polyester market, whose business has remained poor since. Most of the
Exports: Hope Lies in Multiple FTAs
The Data released in Jun 2014 by the APEC showed that India's textiles exports were estimated at $40 bn in 2013, compared with China's $274 bn. Read More
Global perspective on military textile
According to a statement by a veteran diplomat Fu Ying, China's increased military budget in 2015 has made it the world's second-largest military spender after the US.
Fashion Reborn: Blends of African outfits from Ankara
Article By Fibre2fashion, Fashion Reborn, Blends Of African Outfits From Ankara, Ankara Is A Fabric That Was Normally Reserved For Cultural Festivities, This Traditional African Fabric Has Infiltrated
Bombay to Goa: Journey of the Denim
Denim History: Textile Industry probably produced Denim more than woven fabric. Elastic Weft Denim Fabric is one of best denim growth product. Lycra Yarn used in stretchable denim fabric due to
Fabric to dye for
Dyeing a cotton/wool blend is difficult because the two fibers have different chemical makeups. The process of a new Single Bath Dyeing Procedure called Union Dyeing. The resin treatment was
Khadi:The Pride of India
Khadi is a symbol of revolution and resistance but part of an Indian identity. Nowadays handmade quality of khadi clothing, khadi garments, Khadi Clothes become a fashion statement. Many Khadi
GST: Not fibre-neutral
Consulting firm Wazir Advisors has conducted a detailed study on the impact on selling price and taxes paid to the government before and after GST. Sumit Parmar of Wazir looks at the complete textile
Expansion & Shifting of Chinese & Indian Textile Manufacturing to Emerging Economies
Lower tariffs and wages, welcoming regulations and other benefits are resulting in textile-apparel manufacturers in India and China shift production to Africa and Southeast Asia. Fibre2Fashion takes a
Revitalizing Textile Industry: Measures Worldwide
Revitalizing Textile Industry, Worldwide Measures, Incentives Provided By Countries Like China And India To Respective Textile And Garment Sectors, Measures Taken By Pakistan, India, Indonesia,
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