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Booming Global Market for Indian Leather Products
Article By Fibre2fashion On Booming Global Market For Indian Leather Products As Leather Is One Of The Worlds Mostly Traded Commodities And China And Italy Are The Leading Manufacturers And Exporters
Economic effects of COVID-19 on Japan: World’s 3rd largest economy
Japan, the world’s third largest economy, is reeling under the effects of Covid-19 pandemic. While the country is still debating the idea of shifting its production out of China to other ASEAN
Textile Sector & Strategies for 2020
Indian Textile Industry is 3rd largest after China and US. Indian Textile Sector has created Strategies for getting Indian Textile Industry at the Top by 2020 as a Textile Industry Vision.
Doing Business in Textiles & Clothing with China-What You Need to Know?
Doing Business In Textiles & Clothing With China, Know Your Business Partners, Finding Textile And Clothing Manufacturers In China, In China, Quantity Is Giving Way To Quality, Overview Of Chinas
Beijing's fake market warns fake sellers
The Beijing Silk Street Co a Beijing Clothing Market that owns Chinas Silk Street Market. It comes up with new products, silk scarves, shirts, ties, teacups and other products in the name Silk Street.
Dyeing of Polyester with Natural Dyes
Dyeing Of Polyester With Natural Dyes, Natural Dyes Are Used For Colouration Of Textile, Food, Drugs And Cosmetics, Natural Dyes Are Mostly Used To Dye Natural Fibres Like, Cotton, Wool, Silk, Jute
Redefining Khadi by Embellishment with Ribbon Work
Article By Rena Mehta, Redefining Khadi By Embellishment With Ribbon Work, To Develop Design On Khadi Fabric Embellished With Ribbon Technology, Majority Of The Respondents Liked To Wear Khadi
A Synopsis of Dexterity and Skills of Chirala Cluster
Article By Fibre2fashion On Synopsis Of Dexterity And Skills Of Chirala Cluster, The Products Of The Chirala Cluster Are Sarees, Dress Material, Real Madras Handkerchiefs, Lungies, Shritings,
A Study on Abrasion Resistance of Khadi
Abrasion Resistance of Khadi Fabrics: Khadi is handspun and handwoven fabrics made of cotton, silk, wool and mixture of man made fibres. Abrasion resistance of Khadi fabrics depends to a considerable
ASEAN Countries : New Kids on the Block
ASEAN Countries Textile Exports is increasing due to rising cost of labor in India and China. Textile Exports of India and China is decreased due to ASEAN Countries Textile Exports to United States,
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