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Beijing's fake market warns fake sellers
The Beijing Silk Street Co a Beijing Clothing Market that owns Chinas Silk Street Market. It comes up with new products, silk scarves, shirts, ties, teacups and other products in the name Silk Street.
Counterfeit Soccer Clothing hurts South African Clothing Industry
South African Clothing Industry: 2010 World Cup Counterfeit soccer clothing including Bafana Bafana shirts Hurts South African Clothing Industry. Bafana Bafana shirts were made in China and Lesotho.
China, Turkey Grow in Apparel Production, While World Growth Declines
Overview of Apparel Manufacturing - Production of basic consumer items such as textiles, apparel and footwear remained high in developing countries - with gains in China and Turkey due to rising
BRIC countries attract global retailers
BRIC Countries and BRIC Markets benefits for Global Retailers due to BRICK Retail Growth. BRIC Countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China are having strong Markets and Increasing Retail Growth.
Study of Ramie Fibre – A Review
Article By Nitan Garg On Study Of Ramie Fibre, Ramie Is Commonly Known As China Grass, Chinese Cultivated Plant And Known As Best Fibre Crops, Also Discussed About Ramie Fibre Characterstics, Ramie
A Brief Study on Block Printing Process in India
Block Printing - Hand Block Printing Process in India, Block Printing on textiles refers to the technique by which carved wooden blocks covered with textile dye. Block printing originated in China
HTHI's digital spunlace production lines performing excellently in several countries
The recent years have seen nonwoven industry booming across the world. One of the most significant growths took place in China's spunlace market. Driven by the market demand, Hi-Tech Heavy Industry
US Downgrade Adds to Challenges for Chinese Garment Exporters
Us Credit Rating Downgrade - S&P downgrade, Chinas largest state-approved rating agency Dagong had slashed US credit rating from A+ to A-, citing the deteriorating debt repayment capability.
The Effects of Different Fabric Types and Seam Designs on the Seams Efficiency
Article by New Cloth Market, The Effects of Different Fabric Types and Seam Designs on the Seams Efficiency, Fabricated textile products require joining fabric together by some means, main focus of
Grip of China: A Daunting Effect on Indian Exports
Indian Apparel Exports: China is famous in world for its low cost product and offer cheapest rates in India and all over the world. Almost 60% of world trade for Apparels and textiles are from China.
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