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Will Indian silk make a brawny entry into the US market?
Indian Silk Fabric: India is largest importer of silk and Indian and china together producer 80% of the world raw silk fabrics. 90% of Multivoltine Silk made in india and EU and US market have demand
ASEAN Countries : New Kids on the Block
ASEAN Countries Textile Exports is increasing due to rising cost of labor in India and China. Textile Exports of India and China is decreased due to ASEAN Countries Textile Exports to United States,
Should Textile & Garment Sector Expect Anything Good From 2010-11 Budget?
Article By H.K.Sehgal, Textile & Garment Sector Expect From 2010-11 Budget, Every Lobby Working Overtime To Get Some Pie In Budget, Government Of India Against Exporting Taxes And Announced That
Interesting Developments of Interest to the Indian Textiles Sector
Indian Technical Textile Industry is booming. Four new centers will develop for technical textile industry in India.
No radical change in global textile trade
Glimpse of No radical change in Global Textile Trade. World Trade Organization said that Chinas products had no radical effect on global textile and clothing trade. losing market shares, Poorest
Nonwoven machinery: HTHI's new hope in India
As an absolute leader in China's spunlace machinery market, Hi- Tech Heavy Industry Company Ltd (also known as HTHI) has made impressive development since its first launch of modulardesigned spunlace
Future Spinning Technology: Compact Spinning
In the past a number of new spinning technologies have been introduced to compete with ring spinning. While some has application in specific markets
Bombay to Goa: Journey of the Denim
Denim History: Textile Industry probably produced Denim more than woven fabric. Elastic Weft Denim Fabric is one of best denim growth product. Lycra Yarn used in stretchable denim fabric due to
Fabric to dye for
Dyeing a cotton/wool blend is difficult because the two fibers have different chemical makeups. The process of a new Single Bath Dyeing Procedure called Union Dyeing. The resin treatment was
Fashion Reborn: Blends of African outfits from Ankara
Article By Fibre2fashion, Fashion Reborn, Blends Of African Outfits From Ankara, Ankara Is A Fabric That Was Normally Reserved For Cultural Festivities, This Traditional African Fabric Has Infiltrated
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