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Usage of Yarn in T-Shirts
T-Shirts As A Piece Of Clothing Without Buttons, Was Originally Very Popular In The U.S, Where The U.S. Navy During Or After The Spanish-American War. The Crew Neck, Short-Sleeved Shirt And White
Plant and animal fibres
Plant and animal fibres - This article mainly aims at studying plant and animal fibres, Learn how Fibres like, Cotton, Linen, Jute, Silk, Corn, Wool, Spider, Coir, Yak Fibre used in the textile
HTHI's digital spunlace production lines performing excellently in several countries
The recent years have seen nonwoven industry booming across the world. One of the most significant growths took place in China's spunlace market. Driven by the market demand, Hi-Tech Heavy Industry
Export led Textile Industry: In pursuit of Competencies
Article By Manikam Ramaswami On Export Led Textile Industry, In Pursuit Of Competencies And Textile Industry Inclusive Growth , Textile Industry Sustainable Development And Special Status For Textiles
Starch Amide Produced from Tamarind Kernel Powder
During the formation of fabric by weaving machine (loom) in textile mill, the warp yarns undergo a lot of stress, strain and abrasion.
Art of Its Own Kind: Bargarh Cluster
Article By Fibre2fashion On Bargarh Handloom Cluster In Industrial Sector Is Spread Over The Entire Block Of Bargarh O Occupy A Major Place In The Countrys Superfluous Labour Economy, More At
Clothing - enhance your looks
Everybody Pays Special Attention To Their Clothes And Footwear Etc. Here is an Interesting Article on How Fashionable & Stylish Clothing to Enhance Your Looks.
Indian Textile Sector on Ventilator
Last Year Among All The Sectors That Were Badly Hit By The Squeezing Of The Global Vis--Vis The Indian Economy, It Was The Textile Sector. The Contribution Of Textile Sector, According To The Annual
Batik Industry Embraces Modernization
Modern day Batik is about experiment on various surfaces such as silk, cotton, wool, leather, paper and even wood.
Plasma Technology Applications in Textile Networking
Read Article on Plasma Technology Applications in Textile Networking, Plasma Treatment in Textile Technology, Plasma Treatment on Wool, Prospective Alternative for Wet Processing, Plasma Treatment on
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