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Bamboo Fabric: Better Than Hemp
Article By Pat Munro On Bamboo Fabric That Are Natural, Organic Fabrics Are Very Popular, Bamboo Fabric Is Made From The Pulp Of The Bamboo Grass, It Is A Sustainable Fiber Because The Bamboo Plant Is
Usage of Yarn in T-Shirts
T-Shirts As A Piece Of Clothing Without Buttons, Was Originally Very Popular In The U.S, Where The U.S. Navy During Or After The Spanish-American War. The Crew Neck, Short-Sleeved Shirt And White
Plant and animal fibres
Plant and animal fibres - This article mainly aims at studying plant and animal fibres, Learn how Fibres like, Cotton, Linen, Jute, Silk, Corn, Wool, Spider, Coir, Yak Fibre used in the textile
New Vistas in Weaving Trends
Article By S. Aishwariya, New Vistas In Trendy Weaving, Art Of Swifting The Warp & Weft In A Precised And Systematic Manner Called Weaving, India And Its Weaving History Dates Back To The
Article By Fibre2fashion, Luxury, Indulgence, Velvet, Luxurious Fabric With Exclusive History And Made From Different Kinds Of Fibres, Durability And Richness Of Velvet Fabrics Make It An Ideal Choice
Geometrical properties of multifunctional herbal finishes
In this study an attempt has been made to approach of developing multifunctional herbal finishes using medicinal herbs.
Application of Acrylic on Home Textiles
Article By V. Parthasarathi, Application Of Acrylic On Home Textiles, Bed Covers Are Quite Important Commodities In Our Daily Lives. After Completion Of Heavy Routine Work We Will Go To Bed By
Continuous Dyeing-S.D.C. Concept
Continuous Dyeing-S.D.C. Concept, Continuous Dyeing Of Cotton, Polyester & Their Blends Is Gaining Importance Indian Textile Industry & The Challenges Faced From The Global Competition,
'Jamdani' - Fabrics from the singing looms of Bengal
Article By Fibre2fashion, Jamdani, Fabrics From The Singing Looms Of Bengal, Jamdani Is One Of The Most Beautiful Textiles Of Bengal. Jamdani Means, A Vase Of Flowers, Mostly Used In The Making Of
Export led Textile Industry: In pursuit of Competencies
Article By Manikam Ramaswami On Export Led Textile Industry, In Pursuit Of Competencies And Textile Industry Inclusive Growth , Textile Industry Sustainable Development And Special Status For Textiles
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