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Changing Traditional Practices with Modern Times
Changing Traditional Practices With Modern Times, Extensive Categorization Of Clothes Or Fabric Made By Varied Patterns Of Weaving And Knitting. Eastern India Blessed With Saktapar Sarees Of Orissa,
Refinery - Petrochemical Integration for the PCPIR
Article By Michele Carelse Stephen On Chiffon Fabric Can Be A Good Option To Make Fashionable Clothes And Chiffon Fabric Can Be Made From Many Types Of Materials Like Cotton, Synthetic Fibers Or Rayon
No or Low Salt Dyeing: Is It Possible???
No or Low Salt Dyeing : Is It Possible??? Do I need to use salt, in dyeing? Many one might have got surprised, but its possible. Find how to Address the Salt Issues in Textile Dyeing.
Eco-Friendly Fabric
Eco-Friendly Fabric With Pros And Cons Including Bamboo Fabric-Soft Touch, Stronger Fabric, Breathable To Stay Cool In Summer And Warmer In Winter, Silk Fabric-Natural Protein Fiber Good For Allergic
Budget 2010 -11: Continuing Discomfort
Ahmad General Mills – Manufacturer, Exporters Of Value Added Textile Sector From Woven Garments To Knitted Garments, Leather Garments To Home Textiles, Footwear To Hospitality Industry, Its Production
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