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Subject to output, cap on cotton exports may fall, India
The Textiles Ministry revealed that if the cotton production in India surpasses the projected 32.5 million bales, it will be beneficial
Two closed jute factories to reopen soon, Bangladesh
The government has taken all the necessary measures to reopen its two state-run jute factories within October, under a proposal to
Cambodian efforts to promote silk weavers, Cambodia
Cambodian handmade silk remained the centre of attraction at a conference organized by the National Silk Centre on the outskirts of
Luen Thai to take advantage of ‘Save Our Industries’ act, Philippines
Luen Thai Holdings, Philippine’s largest garment exporter, recently revealed its large scale expansion plans for manufacturing of
Kuokuang naphtha plant faces ire of doctors, Taiwan
Kuokuang Petrochemical Technology's proposal to set up its eighth naphtha cracking plant is facing strong opposition from over 300
Mission Linen Supply partners with Santa Barbara County, United States Of America
Mission Linen Supply, a leader in textile rental and buy direct programs, announced that it has been awarded an exclusive five-year
Cost reduction boosts polyester fibre producer's morale, Ireland
Wellman International, the manufacturer of polyester fibre has reduced its losses to €2.4 million in the year 2009, owing to the fall
Bt cotton seeds to help triple cotton output, Tanzania
To increase the cotton production of the country by three times, Tanzania will start producing genetically-modified cotton and will
ACN buyers adopt wait & watch attitude, Asia
ACN buyers preferred to maintain hand to mouth inventories, to take an advantage of .....
Cotton output down in previous cotton season, China
The 2009-10 cotton marketing year concluded in September 2010. As per the statistics for that season, cotton planting area substantially ......
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