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Automation and CAD/CAM Adoption in Designing by Knitwear Industry of Ludhiana
Article By Harminder Kaur And Dr. (Mrs.) Satnam Dhillon , Automation And CAD/CAM Adoption In Designing By Knitwear Industry Of Ludhiana And Design Software For Knits Allows The Creation Of Knit
Effects of different parameters on ultra protection factor of Textile
Ultra protection Factor of Textile - The transmission of ultraviolet radiation through a specimen is measured on a spectrophotometer or spectro radiometer at known wavelength intervals.
AirDye® Technology: Coloring Textiles without the Use of Water
Article By New Cloth Market, Airdye Technology - Coloring Textiles Without The Use Of Water, Conventional Dyeing, Such As Vat Dyeing Or Cationic Dyeing, Can Produce Visually Acceptable Results,
Auxetic Textiles
Article By L. Preethi & A. Sahana, Auxetic Textiles, Unique Materials That Exhibit Negative Poisson’s Ratio, Auxetic Textiles Possess High Indentation And Fracture Resistance And Dynamic
Integrating Textiles with Electronic Systems
Integrating Textiles with Electronic Systems-An Intersection Between Emerging Technologies And Traditional Textile Practice. Multi-Disciplinary Design Collaboration And Traditional Textile
Application of Herbal Extracts for Antimicrobial Property
Application of herbals on cotton brings new way for Textile industry & the wound healing herbals on cotton brings wound dressing manufacturing. Read More.
Status of Apparel Manufacturing SMES in the NCR Region - The Cutting Room
Read Article on Status of Apparel Manufacturing SMES in the NCR Region, Cutting department in Apparel Manufacturing SMES, Layout, Fixtures and Transportation at Apparel Manufacturing SMES in the NCR
Indian Credit Market gets the Pang of US Recession
Read Article on Impact of US Recession on Indian Credit Market, Recession Infects the Indian Textile Industry, Financial Crunch Influences Credit Market and Impact of US Recession on Indian Textile
Getting Digital with Textile Printing
Article By Fibre2fashion, Digital Textile Printing Meets Individual Fashion Design Concepts, Special Textile Inks Are Applied To Textiles Directly And Are Absorbed By The Fibers, Digital Printing
Seamless Three-Axial Woven Items
Article By Ekaterina Lavris And Elena Andreeva, Technology Of Garment Manufacture Method To Manufacture Seamless 3-D Textiles Is By Non-Woven Technology, Design Methods For 3-D One-Piece Woven Or
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