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Improving the colour fastness of the selected natural dyes on cotton Part III
Natural dyes colour fastness treatment helps to gain endurance and soft lustrous colouring. Natural dyes colour fastness method focusing on shade variations treated with different fixing agents and
Fast vs Slow Fashion
Fast fashion denotes lower-quality, low-priced, mass-produced and machine-made garments that quickly end up in
Fast for sure
Fast for sure
Learn How To Get 1st Page Rankings Fast
Learn How To Get 1st Page Rankings Fast
Lowest Price – Enjoy Fast Profits
Lowest Price – Enjoy Fast Profits
Growing E-commerce of Fast Fashion Players
There has been a sharp decline in annual net sales of companies for the year 2020 due to the adverse impact of the Covid-19 pandemic world over. But on a brighter side--there has been a remarkable
Why Fast Fashion has to be sourced closer to Home Markets
Apparel and Textile Sourcing by US may get various benefits like free trade agreements, cheap purchases, etc. Sourcing from European Union Countries has continuously rising imports due to low cost
Digital age styling fashion industry
Digital age in fashion industry unquestionably proved a boon for fast fashion, as online portals guarantee more visibility. Digitalization in fashion industry has lowered the entry barriers for the
Improving the colour fastness of the selected natural dyes on cotton Part-I
The Colour Fastness Properties of Natural Dyes - Natural dyes have emerged as prime colorants for textiles globally. The 5 dye fixing agents such as alum, ammonia, lime juice and calcium chloride for
5 Unlikely Materials That Are Innovating Garment Textiles
It's no secret that the fashion industry is rife with harmful practices. Throughout history, fast fashion companies in particular have been notorious for underpaying workers and generating tonnes of
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