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Wash care fundamentals for silk
Care Labels, Case Studies, Colour fastness to washing, Colour fastness to actual laundering and Colour fastness to commercial dry-cleaning using Perchloroethylene are some basic aspects of Silk Wash
Sustainable Sunbathing: The Movement Toward Ethical Swimwear
The fast fashion trends have contributed to unprecedented amounts of textile waste, and swimwear has been no exception. Fortunately, many brands are riding the eco-friendly wave toward more
Measuring zippers' colour fastness
In the zipper manufacturing industry, the colour fastness of zippers can be measured in colour transfer, light fastness and soaping fastness.
Retailers Ahead of the Game Part II POIS - unleashing the feminine power
POIS Fashion Brand: POIS is Successful Fast Fashion Brand designed by the Milan based style team and targeting on Womens Apparel. The story contains POIS Brands Success Story, Strategies, and Plans.
Reshaping The Future Of Fashion - Next Five Years For The Fashion Industry
In the past years, various technologies have been tried in the fashion sector. Following a fast transition from conventional retail shopping to the online world of
Thrifting As Sustainable Fashion: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?
The fast fashion industry has always been associated with large scale pollution and a host of other issues. Finding alternate means to lengthen the lifecycle of clothes by turning towards sustainable
Attitude-Behaviour Gap in Eco-Fashion Purchase Among Indian Millennials: A Pilot Study
The aim of this pilot study was to study the level of inclination of Indian millennials towards eco-fashion and fast fashion in an era of sustainable living. A survey method was used to study in
Synthesis and Dyeing Performance of Some New Dyestuff Containing Heterocyclic Moiety
Article By Vishalkumar A. Patel, Dhirubhai J. Desai And Kanuprasad D. Patel, Synthesis And Dyeing Performance Of Some New Dyestuff Containing Heterocyclic Moiety, Novel Azo Disperse Dyes Containing
It’s Alive! A New World of Living Textiles
In the world of fast fashion, items of clothing are not given very much respect. Most consumers have so much of it, that one single item simply isn’t assigned very much value. Without a high level of
Technical Parameters of the Textile
Quality Is Of Prime Importance For Every Industry Or Business, To Get Increased Sales And Better Name Amongst Consumers & Fellow Companies. Generally Quality Control Standards For Export Are Set
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