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Fashion’s New Must-Have: Sustainable Sourcing at Scale
Sustainable sourcing is fast becoming a top priority for fashion companies. A survey of sourcing executives reveals ambitious targets-and highlights the transformation needed. McKinsey's 2019 chief
Dark Academia Fashion Is Booming In 2021
Dark Academia fashion is one of the trendiest topics right now. Right now, there are over 160,000 #darkacademia posts on Instagram, and over a million posts on Tumblr. The topic is growing fast on
A Second Life for Fashion: Used Clothing
Read Interesting Article about Used Clothing, Fast Fashion and Womens Psychology, Second Hand Clothing, Children Used Clothing and Classic Vintage Apparel. Used Clothing is one of the most popular
Reinventing Crafts of Odisha
Two critical aspects of fast fashion – environmental hazard and the dying handlooms and handicrafts of India inspired three young students of
Home Textiles : Fast Emerging in World of Textiles
Home Textiles for Dream Homes. For beautiful looking dream homes, Beautiful Curtains, Nice Bed Linens, Stylish Bath Towels Home Textile Accessories are must.
Quick and Level Dyeing of Direct Dyes - Dyrite Process
Article on Quick Level Dyeing of Direct Dyes, Dyrite Process, Properties of Direct Dyes, Classification of Direct Dyes, Self Leveling Direct Dyes, Salt Controllable Direct Dyes, Washing Fastness Test,
On the way to sustainable mobility, technical textiles are contributing fast and effectively in numerous applications in Automotives
On the way to sustainable mobility, technical textiles are contributing fast and effectively in numerous applications in Automotives. Read to know more.
Luxury swimwear market: Gaining more than anticipated
Luxury swimwear market is progressing at a fast pace. Growing luxury beachwear market is a result of western swimwear habits.
Shade consistency and Wash Fastness properties of Reactive Dyes- Case Studies
Shade Consistency, Wash Fastness Properties, Reactive Dyes, Case Studies, Fault Prevention, Elimination Quality Of Water, Grey Preparation, Dye Ability Of Substrate, Weight Of Substrate, Dyes
Fashionable embroidered jewellery
Trends in Indian jewellery demand are fast changing. Preferences are shifting from traditional forms of jewellery to trendy jewellery. Read to know more.
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