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Superior Vat Dyes for Continuous Dyeing
With modernization superior vat dyes is now available for continuous dyeing method due to innovations and fast changing market demands in textile industry.
Are we ready for Systemic Changes in Supply Chain?
Read The Article How The Fast Changing Scenario Effects On The Retail Sector As Structural Change- Through Department Reorganisation, Corporate Downsizing Or Merger- Is Particularly Difficult And
Is Resale and Reuse of Fashion Beneficial for Brands?
Imagine this: it’s nearing the end of the fashion season and you have unsold products out on the floor. The items are pristine, great quality, and ready for purchase and wear, but you know the trends
Modified Mesta jute fiber improve bleaching and color fastness properties
Mesta Jute Fiber has been modified with sodium sulfite in presence of MEA (monoethanolamine) and bleached with hydrogen peroxide. Bleached modified jute has been dyed with Reactive Red HE3B, Reactive
Influence of Ink Layers on the Colour Fastness to Rubbing of Printed Textile Materials
Printed Textile Material, Textile Printed Materials Made Composed of 100 % Polyester using Printing machine Mimaki JV22-160 and J-eco Subly nano. Printed Textile Material, Textile Printed Materials
Cottagecore Fashion Is Booming In 2021, Here Is Why
Cottagecore is a cultural movement drawing inspiration from the rural lifestyle and the local artisans’ skills and crafts, rising fast on social media. This article is the ultimate guide to the
Coronavirus a massive wake-up call for industry
India is fast emerging as an alternative manufacturing hub in the wake of the corona pandemic and various trade wars. Here are some steps the Indian textile industry should be taking to emerge as a
Embroidery Digitizing Is an Art
Article By Sunil Punjabi Embroidery Digitizing, Embroidery Digitizing Is Fast Becoming An American Pastime Due To The Advent Of Computer Technology And Its Application In Our Modern Sewing Machines,
Evolution of Vietnam’s Textiles & Garments Industry amid COVID-19
Amid the current Covid crisis, Vietnam, the third largest textiles and apparel exporter in the world, is fast emerging as an alternative to China as companies continue to shift their bases from China.
Free Salt Dyeing Of Cotton Fabric with Reactive Dyes
Free Salt Dyeing Of Cotton Fabric with Reactive Dyes - The effect of cationization on colour strength and colour fastness of various reactive dyes was found.
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