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The Fashion Ballet : sustainability brings back slow fashion
Slow fashion Trends as Sustainable Fashion Trends - Sustainability affects fast fashion trends and brings back slow fashion trends.
Improving the colour fastness of the selected natural dyes on cotton Part III
Natural dyes colour fastness treatment helps to gain endurance and soft lustrous colouring. Natural dyes colour fastness method focusing on shade variations treated with different fixing agents and
Paraxylene Market Outlook 2015
Paraxylene Market Outlook 2015
Fast vs Slow Fashion
Fast fashion denotes lower-quality, low-priced, mass-produced and machine-made garments that quickly end up in
Indian Textile Industry - prospects for the next decade
2015 Indias growth prospects, Future Growth Prospects of Indian Textile and Apparel Industry till 2015. India biggest manufacturing industry like textile and apparel sectors possible growth prospects
Fast for sure
Fast for sure
Sustainable fashion: Is Gen-Z leading the change?
The world of fast fashion is destructive---it has significant and irreversible consequences on our ecosystems and environment.
Learn How To Get 1st Page Rankings Fast
Learn How To Get 1st Page Rankings Fast
Lowest Price – Enjoy Fast Profits
Lowest Price – Enjoy Fast Profits
Despite Collaborations, Luxury Fashion & Fast Fashion Will Never Merge
Brands such as Dior have been around since 1946; just about 44 years later, fast fashion started knocking on the door of the apparel industry, starting with brands like Zara. Even though fast fashion
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