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Human Factor in Small Scale Footwear Industry
Human Factor in Small Scale Footwear Industry - Indian Footwear Industry is divided in two sectors, large scale & small scale, Small scale sector is systematic in India But Needs Personnel
The Current Footwear Industry
The Current Footwear Industry - The Footwear Industry Has Grown Tremendously Over The Years In Indian Footwear Industry.
A Review of Footwear
A review of Footwear - Contemporary footwear is nothing but modern footwear which varies widely in luxurious style and high price. Traditional Footwear is made from leather, wood or canvas.
Footwear in Turkey
Read Article on the Footwear Industry in Turkey, Production of Turkish the Footwear, Turkey The Footwear Industry Statistics and Turkish The Footwear Exports. Turkeys footwear industry has developed
Footwear in India A Bit about Brands
The footwear industry in India is expanding at an incredible rate. The Indian footwear industry is estimated to be of around 10.15 lakh crores as for now and is believed to reach 12.34 lakh crores by
The Game’s Afoot
The global footwear market is growing in spite of the worldwide downturn and shows little sign of slowing down. So, what gives?A shoe that is too large is apt to trip one, and when too small, to
Cooling the heels
The Indian footwear sector is facing tough times as the COVID-19 lockdown has led to little sales, cashflow issues, cancelled orders, piled up stocks, delayed product deliveries, supply chain
Footwear for All Occasions
Footwear for All Occasions - Mens Designer Footwear Scene is Party Footwear. Footwear for all Occasions to choose right kind of shoes to match the dress & the occasion and the season.
Leather industry needs overhaul
The leather and footwear industry is eagerly awaiting an incentive package which is likely to be along the lines of the one offered to the textiles sector last year.
The Art & Science of Footwear Design
Article by R.D.Singh on the Art & Science of Footwear Design, In ancient Egypt, footwear craftsmanship had reached a very high standard, using a variety of materials such as brightly dyed
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