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Leather Slippers: Warm Comfortable Slipper Footwear
Article By Daryl Plaza, Warm Comfortable Slipper Footwear, Leather Slippers Gives You Style, Leather Is Very Versatile And Durable To Make Fashion Leather Slippers, Which Can Be Bought In Todays
Styles of work shoes
Athletic Work Shoes are extremely popular in Footwear Industry. These will hug the foot all the way around providing
Focused RFID solutions for the right fit for apparel & footwear
Carefully managed RFID initiatives designed to accomplish specific business goals are producing measurable benefits for the apparel & footwear industry.
Improved transparency with Higg FEM
Sustainable and organic are the buzzwords in the global apparel, footwear and textile industry. Suppliers and manufacturers across the value-chain are shifting towards adopting more energy-saving and
JDA Planning and Allocation Solutions: The Right Fit for Famous Footwear
JDA Planning and Allocation Solutions: The Right Fit for Famous Footwear
Understanding shoe construction
Shoes are typically thought of by most of us as nothing more than a fashion item, but they have a role to play in every part of society and every industry. No matter who we are, we put them through a
Ramping Up Sustainable Footwear
In addition to polluting the environment, the footwear
A Treasure Chest for Textile Concepts: Manila F A M E International
Article By Fibre2fashion Textile Concepts Mania F.A.M.E International The Show Will Be A Treasure Chest For Novel Concepts For Textile Industry, Manila F.A.M.E, Garments, Textile, And Footwear Show,
Simone Castelletti: Graceful Customisation
Italian luxury women's shoes brand Simone Castelletti will offer customers a chance to customise footwear on the website. Cristiana Bonzi reports on the initiative that was launched this October.
The world’s a stage
The year 2018 was marked by trade hostilities between the United States and China. With exports hanging by a thread, Subir Ghosh looks ahead at 2019. In mid-November came the heartening news that
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