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Interview: Luis Onofre, Chairman, European Confederation of the Footwear Industry (CEC)
The CEC is the voice of the European footwear industry. It aims at facilitating collaboration between all categories of stakeholders of the supply chain. Chairman Luis Onofre speaks about matters of
Jute-Thermoplastic Composites for Footwear
Jute-Thermoplastic Composites for Footwear
Women footwear for comfort and style!
Women Footwear offers a better variety than mens footwear. Women Cowboy Shoes and Girl Sweater Slouch Boots are ideal for fashion lovers to show themselves stylish.Jeans, skirt and casual dresses look
Revolution In Footwear Fashion Continues
Revolution In Footwear Fashion Continues
Footwear in India A Bit about Brands
The footwear industry in India is expanding at an incredible rate. The Indian footwear industry is estimated to be of around 10.15 lakh crores as for now and is believed to reach 12.34 lakh crores by
The Current Footwear Industry
The Current Footwear Industry - The Footwear Industry Has Grown Tremendously Over The Years In Indian Footwear Industry.
Footwear does attract attention
Formal Shoes and Informal shoes are types of Mens Footwear. Womens Footwear contains lots of varieties are formal footwear, flip flops, sandals, shoes, stilettos, high heels, flat shoes and party
Footwear for rainy season
Read Article on Tips for Prevent Footwear in Rainy Season, Flip Flop Footwear, Article on Preventing Footwear in Monsoon Season, Tips for Buying Sport Sandals, Rubber Boots and Other Footwear
Harlot Shoes: Exotic Footwear
Harlot Shoes: Exotic Footwear
Cambodia's footwear sector ready for investment: ILO, Cambodia
Cambodia's footwear sector will provide more opportunities for investment and production than the garment sector has grown more rapidly than the garment sector in recent years, according to a research
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