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Human Factor in Small Scale Footwear Industry
Human Factor in Small Scale Footwear Industry - Indian Footwear Industry is divided in two sectors, large scale & small scale, Small scale sector is systematic in India But Needs Personnel
Footwear trends: Now & on the horizon
Footwear trends: Now & on the horizon
The Art & Science of Footwear Design
Article by R.D.Singh on the Art & Science of Footwear Design, In ancient Egypt, footwear craftsmanship had reached a very high standard, using a variety of materials such as brightly dyed
Women's Flipflops - Stylish Footwear
Article By Gisbert On Women’s Flipflops, Flip Flops Are Very Flattering When Worn With Capri Style Pants, Fit Is Something That Was Never Important In The Past When It Came To Flip Flops, Many Flip
Footwear export moves up in Q1, Vietnam
Exports statistic released by Ministry of Industry and Trade shows that in the month of March, Vietnamese footwear industry reaped xxx million from exports...
Master plan for footwear industry!, Vietnam
Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Industry Bui Xuan Khu, on 6 August, approved Master plan for footwear industry till 2010. Accordingly, the ministry plans to develop...
Footwear exports pace up in January, Vietnam
After becoming 150th member of World Trade Organisation, footwear exports of the country is rapidly increasing.In January 2007, footwear exports stood at...
Footwear exports soar in February, Vietnam
Last month, footwear exports of the industry showed a positive trend as per the expectation after membership of WTO. Export turnover of footwear in last month is...
Key to Ending Poverty
A global research project based on data from 1800 to 2018 by Gherzi Textil Organisation, Switzerland, and Gapminder Foundation, Sweden has come up with remarkable findings that would go a long way in
Footwear continues to face challenges, Vietnam
Footwear sector should also diversify its export market instead of concentrating on a single destination like...
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