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Indian Exports After Rupee Fall: On A High
Indian Garment Exports have increased after the depreciation of Indian rupee. Garment exports have gained a lot because of depreciation of Indian Rupee.
Indian Garment Exporters - Poorer By Default on GST
Article By Dr. H.K. Sehgal, Indian Garment Exporters - Poorer By Default On Gst, Goods & Services Tax, Has Been Postponed Now, Lot Of Discussions Held Within And Outside Empowered Committee Of
Denim Forever strong
Strengh of denim makes possible to wear it effortlessly in rough conditions. Durability of denim garments arrives from weave known as twill weave that helps it undergo a lot of friction.
Lungi Craze
The craze of lungis is becoming extremely popular because of as it gives the wearer a lot of ease of movement and comfort. The Indian Lungi Garment is also known as a sarong.
Latest Technologies and Developments in Spinning, Weaving, and Processing
Article By Chitra Siva Sankar, Wide Spectrum Of Processes Is Involved In The Textile Industry, Starting From Fiber Manufacturing To The Final Processing And Garmenting Stage, Involves A Lot Of
Dark Clouds over Bangalore Apparel Industry In 2009
As Global recession is badely effects on the Bangalore Apparel Industry, Karnataka as it is known as the best apparel sourcing destination but global recession have effected it a lot
Men's wears - Get that stylish look
Mens Formal Wear, Desinger Casual clothes, Mens Night Wear, Mens Beach Wear are latest fashion trends in mens garments markets can be well understood. The mens wears market has a lot to offer these
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