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Energy saving in under-loaded motors in textile mills
The textile spinning mill is a continuously running unit that consumes a lot of electricity says Ashok Senthuraman and K Ramesh Babu
PET bottles or soda cans, What are you wearing today?
Modeling is not just about having a pretty face, a lot goes into the making of a model, and that is just what this article attempts to tell you about. Read Now!
Exports of Garments Drop in October
Article on Drop in Garment Exports, Garment Export Statistics, Decline in Garment Exports and Indian Readymade Garment Export Statistics. The figures are confirming the worst fears of Indian readymade
A Study on Impact of Supply Chain Prospects on the Performance of Handloom Sector
Handloom industry one of the ancient industries of India has faced a lot of changes in the form of mechanization, refined methods of manufacturing and designing etc.
Are the Fashion Police after You?
There Are Lots Of Different Things That You Should Keep In Mind When It Comes To Fashion. Sometimes, It Is Important To Think About The Way That You Look And The Way That Others See You It Is
Wanted: New Skills for a New Garment Industry
Garment Industry Is Now Employing New Skills For Enhancing US Or EU Garment Business Mainly By East Asian Supplier and Employer In Garment Industry Also Discussing Garment Industry Job Requirements
Quality Assurance in Garments and its Importance in Today's Era
Garment Quality Assurance - An Article About Quality Assurance For Textile and Apparel Industry. Garment Quality Assurance is must for any Garment Exporters.
7 Steps to growing your fashion brand profitably
It takes a lot more to sustainably grow it over time, requiring discipline and commitment.
Statistics about women's fashion industry
Women's fashion has contributed a lot globally. Probably because women are the most conscious people when it comes to what they wear plus the constant release of trending clothes.
Garment Processing
Garment Processing
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