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Ethiopia: Nascent Sector Grows
The apparel industry in Ethiopia is still in its infancy, but is widely reckoned to have the potential of leading the African textile resurgence. Ethiopia’s nascent apparel industry, which faces a
Sri Lanka: Sustainability In Focus
Sustainability initiatives were at the heart of Sri Lanka’s textiles-garment sector, which was temporarily affected following the April 21 blasts.
Cambodia: A SWOT analysis
Analysis covers positive factors in exploring new suppliers and export markets as Cambodia is advantaged by low labour costs and better access to developed markets.
Key to Ending Poverty
A global research project based on data from 1800 to 2018 by Gherzi Textil Organisation, Switzerland, and Gapminder Foundation, Sweden has come up with remarkable findings that would go a long way in
Trends to dye for
Sustainability in the textiles and apparel industry is determined to a large extent by the way the textile processing sector is shaping up. It works both ways: sustainability makes demands on
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