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Homeward Bound
As a study projects the global home textiles market hitting $170.5 billion by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of 3.1 per cent, here is a brief look at the sub-sector. The home textiles sector, which covers
Celebrating nature's marvel on furnishings
This summer, there is a stunning array of home decor furnishings that reflect comfort, trendy lifestyles, lavishness and sophistication says Sonam Gupta.
Furnish Home With Handloom Tibetan Rugs
Tibetan Rugs: Furnish Home with Handloom Tibetan Rugs, Tibetan Area Rugs, Modern Tibetan Rugs, traditional Tibetan rugs, Antique Tibetan Rugs. Find Handloom Tibetan Rugs, Tibetan Area Rugs, Modern
Home textile and furnishing fabric trends for 2014
Understanding and developing fashion and style sensibilities of its own, is the group of home textiles and fabric furnishes in the industry. Read More
Key Challenges for SMEs in Indian Home Furnishings Sector
Indian Home Furnishing SMEs - India currently contributes around 7% share in the total global home furnishings trade of approximately USD 70 Bn.
Best Home furnishings —Individuality in five days only
More than 2,400 styles in over 800 fabrics and leathers - these figures already reflect at first glance the incredible diversity one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world is offering.
Increasing demand of home textiles in emerging economies
Expanding demand of home textiles has been noticed in various developing countries. Global demand rise in home furnishings indicates change towards luxurious lifestyle.
Best out of waste : Design & Construction of Home Furnishings by Using Old Discarded Saris
Design and Construction of Home Furnishings by Using Old Discarded Saris - Best out of waste includes the furniture, fittings, and flooring of the accessories like bed spreads, furnishing fabrics,
Top 7 UK Home-Textile Brands Everyone Should Know About
Home decors and designs decide the look, feel, and style to make it a happy place. And textile has always been a major part of home decors and designs. Home textiles include everything used to furnish
Retail uses of cotton
Retail Application of Cotton is used to make home furnishing like cushions, mattresses etc. It is also used to make the manufacture of clothing that constitutes to 60 percent of the Cotton
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