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Textile Fibre Composites And Its Applications
Article By Shekhar Sreekumar Menon On Textile Fibre Composites & Application That Make Use Of Traditional Homogeneous Materials Which Is Gigantic Disciplines Of Engineering Application
Trade Fairs: An Ecstatic Opportunity for Handlooms and Handicraft Fraternity
Article By Fibre2fashion On Trade Fairs An Ecstatic Opportunity For Handlooms And Handicraft Fraternity In Order To Diversify The Marketing Channels, Special Expos Are Organized At National Level,
Apparel manufacturer - A niche market in the global trade market
Learn about Apparel Manufacturer’s Global Trade Market, Apparel manufacturer involves in manufacturing of different segments such as clothing and fashion accessories for men, women and children and
Quality Assessment in Woven Fabrics for the Garment Industries
Article By Mr. M. Chenganmal & Mr. N. Sukumar, Quality Assessment In Woven Fabrics For The Garment Industries, Quality Is The Main Import Factor For Any Material Selection. In The Garment
"Which fruit are you wearing today?" fruit wastes become fashion fabrics
Fruit Wastes for Fruit fabrics. The Pineapple Fabrics, Coconut Fibre Fabrics, Banana Fibre Fabrics developed from Fruit Wastes. The Fruit Fabrics from Pineapple, Coconut, Banana fruit wastes used in
Eco Friendly Garment Finishes
Article By J. Anton Arputha Raj On Eco Friendly Garment Finishes And The Processing Of Whole Range Of Ready Garments From Shirt, T-Shirt, Trouser, Jacket To All Types Of Clothing And In Denim Industry
The Textile Industry and Related Sector in India - II
Article By New Cloth Market, The Textile Industry And Related Sector In India, Textile Market Research Study Has Been Commissioned By Italian Trade Commission Mumbai, Main Objectives Of The Market
Article By Fibre2fashion, Luxury, Indulgence, Velvet, Luxurious Fabric With Exclusive History And Made From Different Kinds Of Fibres, Durability And Richness Of Velvet Fabrics Make It An Ideal Choice
Industrial and Composite Textiles
Article By J. B. Sanghadia, Aadhar Mandot And P. S. Purohit On Industrial And Composite Textiles And Highlights Coated Fabrics Today One Can Classify Textiles Into Three Broad Categories, Apparel,
Retailing: A Buzz of Flourishing Business
Retailing, A Buzz Of Flourishing Business, Retailing In India Has Expanded Its Horizons In Last Few Years Offering Ample Amount Of Opportunities To Indian Business Diasporas. Tata Group, Titan
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