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Starting a Home Sewing Business - Take It One Stitch at a Time
Starting a Home Sewing Business - Take It One Stitch at a Time
2016 Home textiles look raw, earthy and are profusely printed
Organic fabric in heavy, spruced up prints with tarnished, pallid shades define the fabric this year, says Sonam Gupta, Design Head at Tangerine.
Smart Carpets for Smart Solutions
Smart carpets are the latest innovation in the field of home textiles and furnishings. These intelligent carpets not only beautify home interior but also monitor activities of a person.
Luxury made visible with chenille
Chenille fabric usages increased for home decor as it reflects opulence and is characterized by durability. Chenille fabric in home textile ensures richness as well as affordability.
Dyeing of Jute Fabric for Value Added Products
Dyeing Of Jute Fabric, Value Added Products, Traditional And Non Traditional Use Of Jute Fabric, Upholstery, Furnishing and Apparel Textiles Increasing Due To Eco-Friendly And Biodegradable
Potential of Ingeo® In Fashion Industry
Ingeo in Fashion Industry: Ingeo biopolymer is an innovative performance fiber ideally suited for apparel, furnishings and Nonwovens applications. Ingeo biopolymers, Ingeo Fibers, Ingeo Fabric and all
Review and prospect on nonwovens industry of China
In spite of intricate circumstances at home andabroad, the nonwovens industry in China witnessed growth throughout the year2016, writes Eric Zhang.
Role of e-commerce in apparel fashion
The concepts of e-commerce and e-marketplace have revolutionised the fashion industry in more than one way,not only can one shop from the convenience of the home
Bringing comfort back in trend!
COVID-19 has brought many innovations to our lives, right from online parties to digital fitness sessions and work from home (WFH) clothing and more.
The EU Goes in for Major Regulatory Moves
Find European Union New Anti-dumping and Anti-subsidy Investigations. EU considers that the right policies at home are crucial for reaping the benefits of trade.
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