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The journey of Indian fashion
This report studies the diverse dressing styles throughout the length & breadth of India and gives an account of the evolution of modern fashion in the country.
Indian Fashion Industry
Indian Fashion Industry
Indian Jute Industry
Indian Jute Industry
India - Land of Opportunities
Indian Economy - India is a cost effective and labor intensive economy, and has benefited immensely from outsourcing of work from developed countries, and has a strong manufacturing and export
Country Policy on Infrastructure : Textile Parks, Power and CETP
Indian infrastructure, textile parks,power and CETP policy needs more focus. Indian textile industry policy plays vital role as textile industry is one of the major sector of Indian economy that
World Cotton conundrum and Indian cotton economy
The world cotton consumption is estimated at 24.3 million tons in 2014-15, with an increase of 3.3 per cent in comparison to consumption in 2013-14. Read More
Indian textile sector faces jeopardy due to soaring input prices
Challenges for Indian Textiles Market: Indian Textile Market faces problems due to soaring input prices such as cotton, yarn, MMF, wool and jute textile, and analyzes the possible causes. Learn how
'Revealing women's special secrets' An Overview of the Indian Lingerie Market
Indian Women now prefer intimate wear, Lingerie that helps global Lingerie brands to expand business. Overview of Lingerie Market Research and Analysis Report.
Will the EU ban Indian apparel exports?
Currently Government has declared that European Union (EU) is raising non-trade barriers against India’s textile and apparel exports and EU has banned the import of apparels into the country which
Indian denim industry foresees bright prospects
Article on Indian denim industry foresees bright prospects by Rajesh Dudeja. Learn about Indian denim industry foresees bright prospects also share views on Indian denim industry and many more at
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