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Indian Textile Industry: Prospects and Challenges
Indian Textile IndustryIndian Textiles is the world’s second largest producer of textiles and garment after China. Prospects & Challenges of Indian Textile Companies and Indian Clothing
Where are Indian textiles and apparel headed?
Where are Indian textiles and apparel headed?
Indian Textile and Clothing Sector
Indian Textile and Clothing Sector - Read Article about Indian Textile and Clothing Sector which is One of the Oldest Industries of India.
A Bid to Boost Indian Exports
Export Incentives - Indian Export Incentives, Textile Export Incentives. Indian Commerce Ministry & Ministry of Commerce and Industries have announced Rs. 800 Crore to enhance Indian Exports.
The Myth of Indian Garment Exports
Myth of Indian Garment Exports: Textile Imports in USA 2010, Garment Imports in USA, Clothing Imports in USA in 2010 is fell as compare to 2009. Some of the countries that gained and increased their
Designer Brands Allure Fashionist Indian Shoppers
Designer Brands Allure Fashionist Indian Shoppers. Indian Shoppers Prefer Designer Brands, Love Of Shopping Continues Even Of Global Downturn And High Value Designer Wear Market Sprints Ahead.
Will the EU ban Indian apparel exports?
Currently Government has declared that European Union (EU) is raising non-trade barriers against India’s textile and apparel exports and EU has banned the import of apparels into the country which
Indian denim industry foresees bright prospects
Article on Indian denim industry foresees bright prospects by Rajesh Dudeja. Learn about Indian denim industry foresees bright prospects also share views on Indian denim industry and many more at
FDI in Indian Textile Industry
FDI in Indian Textile Industry: As per recent FDI Statistics for textile & apparel, India is fastest growing sector due to Foreign Direct Investment and targeted US$ 6 billion FDI by 2015. India
The Emulation of Indian Fashion and the West
Indian Ladies Fashion and Indian Ladies Fashion Garments: Because of expansion of western colonialism the Indian Fashion Industry improving to perfection. Ladies Fashion Industry is accelerated ladies
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