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Indian Denim Industry: The way forward
Indian Denim Industry: The Denim Industry of India has got amazing growth as per the Indian denim industry statistics and denim industry statistics of India. Complete guide for Analysis, Statistics of
Modernisation of Indian Textile Industry & The Textile Engineering Industry of India
Modernisation in Indian Textile Industry - Modernisation in fact is needed to increase production, reduce the cost of production, rationalize labour, reduce maintenance and power cost per unit of
Indian Garment Exports Sliding
Indian Garment Exports On Downward - Interesting Article about the Fall In Indian Garment Exports creates crisis in labour intensive industries like ready made garments, electronic goods and gems and
Indian Garment Exports : Uncertainty Looms Large
Learn Indian Garment Exports Statistics, Indian Garment Trade Statistics details article by Dr. H.K. Sehgal. Article on Learn Indian Garment Exports Statistics, Indian Garment Trade Statistics and
Will Appreciation of Indian Rupee Bring Bonanza for Garment Exports?
Factors affecting Indian rupee fall have become serious concern for Indian economy. Fall in Indian rupee against US dollar has a big impact of actions taken by FIIs in last month.
Key Challenges for SMEs in Indian Home Furnishings Sector
Indian Home Furnishing SMEs - India currently contributes around 7% share in the total global home furnishings trade of approximately USD 70 Bn.
Hopping from one uncertainty to another
Article by Dr. H.K. Sehgal share views on Direction of Indian Garment Industry, Important move of Indian Garment Industry in 2012 year and many more at Fibre2fashion.
Aesthetic touch of Indian carpets
The Carpet industry has been thriving since the 16th century one of the oldest and well established regionalised sectors employing over two million weavers
Indian Cotton Spinning Mills Mastering Chinaman
Article on Indian Cotton Spinning Mills art and science of intelligent spinning of Cotton yarn. Get the details about Strength of Indian Cotton Textile Sector and China is the New Market for Indian
Indian Garment Exporters Need to Invest in Trends, Design and Innovation
Indian Garment Exporters: Indian Garment Export Industry Need to Invest in Trends, Design and Innovation for take advantage of growth in the domestic market or launch their own brand. India would
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