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Careers in the Textile - Fashion Field
Learn how to make Careers in Fashion Industry and Careers in Garment Industry also lean about make a Careers in the various textile field and branches article by Ms. Vanali Ballikar only at
National Social Labelling Initiatives, a Necessity for Ethical Fashion
Importance of Social Labeling - Social labeling is an initiative introduced in the nineties with a view to eliminating the exploitation of Child Labour in Carpet Production in India.
Using the Supply Chain to Reach the Height of Fashion
The modern fashion supply chain Management is the result of a revolution to satisfy customer demand. Learn the impact of Supply chain management on the fashion retailers, suppliers and customers, and
Revamping South Africa's Apparel Industry with ethical fashion
According to the International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers' Federation (ITGLWF), around 250,000 jobs were lost across more than 12 states in Africa.
Recession Rescue Program for Fashion and Apparel Industry
Article by Sarv Daman Vij, Recession Rescue Program for Fashion and Apparel Industry, Fashion demand, may drifts away for a certain period due to recession, here some discussion regarding recession,
The 'Turkish Delight' - fashion industry gets enhanced
Turkish Delight: Turkey Fashion Industry, Apparel Industry& Clothing Industry in Turkey is around 18% of Textile Exports. The country has an exclusive collection of Apparel brands and Turkish
Denim Becomes a Fashion Style in Home Décor
Denim Decor ideas for Home Decorating: Denim becomes a fashion style in home décor and denim home accessories are being widely used for decorating homes. Read more about Denim Home accessories,Denim
"Woven with Love" organic clothing trends enter a new era
Sustainable Clothing :: Organic fashion by organic clothing. Why choose sustainable clothing and organic clothing for sustainable fashion, organic fashion, eco fashion and green fashion clothing.
The fashion police
The fashion police
Lingerie and lingerie's only - A global report (Part V - UK)
Read Article on Overview of British UK Lingerie Market, Statistics of British Lingerie Market, Branded Intimate Apparel Britain, Latest Fashion Trend in Lingerie in UK and Hot Fashion Lingerie in
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