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Interview: Mr. Robert McKee, Global Fashion Industry Strategy Director, Infor
Mr. Robert McKee is the Global Fashion Industry Strategy Director of Infor. Mr. Robert McKee talks about the Indian textile industry and the various software applications put to use by it. He also
Interview: Footwear industry, Footwear representatives, Head honchos
The footwear sector of the Indian fashion industry is growing despite the worldwide slowdown. Fibre2Fashion speaks to a cross-section of people to understand the factors driving this growth.
Interview: Textile industry, Textiles Head, Head honchos
Most Indian ready-to-wear labels prefer vendors who not only present stylish collections season after season, but also have great facilities to produce them. Meher Castelino speaks to a few fashion
Interview: Top executives, Fashion designers, Fashion houses, India
Top executives of Fashion houses of India talks to Fibre2Fashion about the intellectual property rights and how to ensure its quality in the fashion industry
Interview: Textile Industry, Textile Representative, Head honchos
Blockchain has been bandied around for quite a while but still considered a fairly new technology. Subir Ghosh spoke to experts in the field to know their views on how blockchain has been functioning
Interview: Textile Industry, Textile Representative, Head honchos
Sales at walk-in stores started plummeting and people started to deliberately put their wedding events and celebrations on hold, all due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fibre2Fashion spoke to few of the
Interview: Textile Industry, Textile Representative, Head honchos
As the pandemic rages on, fashion designers from the industry discuss ways in which the handloom industry can survive and face the challenge.
Interview: Textile Industry, Textile Representative, Head honchos
The fashion industry is at the cusp of dramatic change. As technology is set to emerge as a differentiating factor in the days to come, how is the Smart fabrics and wearables market expected to shape
Interview: Textile Industry, Textile Representative, Head honchos
The uptake of technology in the estimated $3 trillion fashion industry has not moved as fast as one could have expected. But there is now a substantial shift in the current context. Fibre2Fashion
Interview: Textile Industry, Textile Representative, Head honchos
The estimated $3 trillion fashion industry has typically been slow in adapting newer technology in the past. But the current pandemic has had industry hit the acceleration button. Fibre2Fashion spoke
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