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Global PTA Production Capacity
Global PTA Production Capacity
Asian PTA industry on a roller coaster ride:Forecasts for 2013
Asia PTA Industry: Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) Is Used In Polyester Production and Strong Prices Hike in Asian PTA Industry. Asian PTA Manufacturers Would Plan For A Higher Plant Utilization
PX-PTA Report: 2008
Purified Terephthalic Acid is accomplished in Acetic Acid in presence of metal catalyst like (Mn+2), Initially (CTA) crude Terephthalic Acid. CTA drying, CTA crystallization are some of processing
PTA imports down in October, China
According to customs statistics, China's imports of Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) (Customs Tariff No. 29,173,611), reached ......
India-Mercosur PTA to be cleared soon!, Brazil
India-Mercosur preferential trading agreement (PTA) is expected to be approved by Brazil around June.Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso
Wednesday: PTA prices decrease in Asia, Asia
PTA prices reduced in Asia on Wednesday owing to poor buying sentiments in the region. In FE Asia, PTA prices edged down...
Thursday: Asian PTA prices decline in Asia, Asia
PTA prices in Asia dropped on Thursday with unfavourable market conditions in the region. In FE Asia, PTA prices fell by...
PTA prices in Asia drop previous week, Asia
PTA prices in Asia went down in the last week owing to weaker upstream energy values in the region. In FE Asia, average prices declined by...
Asian PTA prices rise last week, Asia
PTA prices edged up in Asia in the last week due to improved product demand in the region. In FE Asia, average prices surged a bit by...
Asian PTA prices improve last week, Asia
PTA prices assessed higher in Asia in the last week. The price gain mainly was on account of lift in the buying sentiments in the region. In FE Asia, average prices soared by...
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