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April 21 witnesses a steady market for PF, China
This Monday, on April 21, PTA prices went under suppression, Acrylic staple 1.5 D × 38mm, acrylic top 3 D × 102mm prices were in consolidation; CPL, nylon 6 chip prices were...
Polyester filament market moves at a steady pace, China
Yesterday, on May 19, PTA prices increased further. MEG prices adjusted, semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices also moved up. CDP slice temporarily...
Strong demand leads higher trade volume of polyester filament, China
This Monday, on March 10, PTA price pulled back, MEG price slipped down further. Prices of semi-dull and bright polyester chips, CDP chips and PET bottle slices showed temporary correction...
Daily quotation of various textile materials, China
This Monday, on March 17, PTA price moved upward, MEG price was in consolidation. Semi-dull, bright polyester chips, CDP slices increased in price, PET bottle price was in temporary correction...
Pure polyester yarn attracts demand, China
On Monday, September 24, prices of PTA and MEG showed improvement. Semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices were stable. CDP and PET bottle slice prices moved sideways. Polyester staple fiber price
Cotton yarn prices remain steady on Nov 5, China
PTA prices bounced back, ME prices looked firmly up on Monday, November 5. Semi-dull and bright polyester chip and CDP chip prices slightly rose. PET bottle slice price temporarily...
PSF prices slips on Sept 3, China
Monday, September 3, PTA prices were stable, MEG prices rose. Semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices moved flat. CDP slice price fell, PET bottle price moved sideways...
Cotton yarn market remain steady on Nov 20, China
On Monday, November 26, PTA price remained steady, MEG price fell further; prices of semi-dull, bright polyester chips, PSF price and CDP slice were adjusted. PET bottle slice price was dull...
East China Sinopec announces PX listing price for Nov, China
The Sinopec branch in East China yesterday announced settlement prices of paraxylene (PX) for October, listing price of PX for November and tentative PTA contract price for November.As per the
Daily quotation of various raw materials on Feb 9, China
PTA spot prices increased slightly on Monday and MEG prices also moved higher amid adjustment. Semi-dull and bright polyester chips and CDP slice prices moved upwards along with that of PET bottle
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