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PSF prices move up on Nov 12, China
PTA prices continued to rise and ME prices showed a strong growth on Monday, November 12. Semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices pushed up again. PET bottle-slice also...
Overall yarn & thread market remain stable on Mar 24, China
This Monday, on March 24, PTA prices saw a rise; MEG prices were in correction, prices of semi-dull and bright polyester chips moved higher, CDP slicing prices ascended, PET bottles price was in
Polyester filament market remains stable, China
On Monday, April 12, PTA prices went upward, MEG market price sunk in correction. Semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices settled dull. Prices of CDP chip and PET bottle slice showed a temporary
High crude stimulates overall market activity, China
Due to strong rebound in international oil price on Monday, September 22, trade volume of PTA futures experienced a significant rise; spot market price also surged...
Chinese polyester chip price trends sluggish, Hong Kong
On May 7, PTA spot prices still declined, MEG market continued to fall, polyester chips, super bright polyester chips appeared sluggish, CDP slice looked dull, PET bottle chips were temporarily
Market adopts a wait-and-see attitude, China
On Monday, August 18, market scenario in the domestic region was quite stable as PTA prices settled down; MEG, semi-dull and bright polyester chip and CDP chip prices consolidated...
Experts expect rayon yarn market price to fall further, China
On Monday, April 28, available statistics show PTA prices gained further. MEG market prices along with CDP chips and PET bottle slices stayed in adjustment; prices for semi-dull and bright polyester
Market holds a wait-and-see attitude, China
On February 18, PTA price went up, MEG price indicated temporary correction, and where as prices of semi-dull and bright polyester chips were in consolidation. CDP chip price trimmed. PET bottle slice
Chemical fiber manufacturers cut production to offset losses, Taiwan
Rise in oil prices has had a direct effect on polyester raw material PTA for which prices have, quite evidently, scaled up as well. However, demand from the down stream sectors have remained weak
Daily quotation of various textile materials on July 7, China
This Monday, on July 7, PTA price continued to show an increasing trend where as MEG price adjusted. On the other hand, prices of semi-dull and bright polyester chips trimmed, where as CDP chips and
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