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Daily quotation of various textile raw materials , China
February 13 was the first trading day after Chinese New Year, PTA price slightly climbed up, MEG price showed a temporary correction, semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices were...
PSF prices stable on Aug 20, China
On Monday August 20, PTA price dipped, but MEG price rose sharply, semi-dull, bright polyester chip prices adjusted slightly downward, CDP price dipped, PET bottle slice price...
Polyester filament market continues the dull outlook, China
This Monday, on June 30, PTA price rebounded slightly and MEG price further adjusted. Semi-dull and bright polyester chips continued to fall along with CDP chip; polyester bottle slice price was in...
PSF prices show upward trend, China
PTA price presented a correction, ME price continued to go down on September 17. Half-semi and bright polyester chips prices were stable. CDP chip, PET bottle slice prices maintained...
Polyester filament market still weak, China
PTA price stabilized, ME prices slightly rose on October 15. Prices of semi and bright polyester chip and CDP slice were in correction; PET bottle price slightly reduced; PSF price little changed,
Textile material price quotations - Oct 29, China
PTA price slightly lowered and ME price consolidated on Monday, October 29. Prices of semi-dull and bright polyester chips were unchanged. CDP slices price was flat. PET bottle slice price moved...
Overall yarn market shows stability, China
This Monday, on April 7, the price of PTA stayed in correction, MEG price declined. Prices of semi and bright polyester chips fell, CDP slice price was in temporary consolidation, PET bottle supply
Prices of cationic filament firm up, China
In the just concluded week (October 12 to 18), cationic filament moved higher due to strong drive of PTA futures and polyester raw material, due to which, sales volume also obviously enlarged.On
Market outlook likely to show weak adjustment trend, China
On Monday, December 8, PTA futures graph moves up; spot price slightly raised, MEG price adjusted, semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices increased. CDP chip price also shoot up. On the other
Daily textile raw material round-up, China
On December 6, PTA price adjusted, MEG price corrected, semi-dull and super bright polyester chips were firm, CDP chip price showed correction and price of PET bottle chip .....
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