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Rayon yarn market sees stability, China
Prices for PTA, MEG improved on Monday, September 01; of semi-dull and bright polyester chips relaxed their grip where as CDP section and PET bottle slices showed temporary stability...
Air of uncertainty hangs over polyester chip market, China
Prices of most of the upstream products in the polyester value-chain slipped in the previous week, which includes, PTA, MEG, polyester chips, CDP slice and PET bottle chips. Trading price of semi-dull
Wait-n-see buyer attitude strains polyester market, China
July 2 Monday, PTA, MEG prices presented weak adjustment, semi-dull, and bright polyester chips continued to decline, CDP prices eased and price of polyester staple fiber...
Viscose staple fibre shows weak price trend, China
July 10, Tuesday, PTA, MEG prices settled sideways, rates of semi-dull and bright chips, CDP, sliced PET bottle remained stable and that of polyester staple fibers slightly...
Textile minister seeks feedback on Surat weaver’s issues, India
Following issues raised by Surat weavers associations at a meeting held in Delhi, like yarn price fluctuation, anti-dumping duty on PTA and dumping of undervalued Chinese fabrics, minister of textiles
Market adopts a wait-and-see attitude, China
On Monday, August 18, market scenario in the domestic region was quite stable as PTA prices settled down; MEG, semi-dull and bright polyester chip and CDP chip prices consolidated...
PSF prices show upward trend, China
PTA price presented a correction, ME price continued to go down on September 17. Half-semi and bright polyester chips prices were stable. CDP chip, PET bottle slice prices maintained...
Polyester & rayon yarn prices dip, China
PTA prices slightly bended upwards, MEG prices continued to fall on Monday, January 21. Semi-dull and bright polyester chips waved lower, prices of CDP chips and...
Textile raw materials daily quotation – Nov 18, China
Although PTA futures rose slightly, the market was covered with strong wait-and-see atmosphere on Tuesday, November 18. The spot price consolidated, MEG price promoted minutely, semi-dull and bright
Buyer interest for downstream products slows down, China
June 4 Monday, PTA, MEG prices settled down, semi-dull and bright CDP prices continued to decline, PET bottle slice looked stable. Polyester staple fiber prices...
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