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Experts expect rayon yarn market price to fall further, China
On Monday, April 28, available statistics show PTA prices gained further. MEG market prices along with CDP chips and PET bottle slices stayed in adjustment; prices for semi-dull and bright polyester
Daily quotation of various textile materials on October 20, China
On Monday, October 20, PTA, MEG prices continued its downward trend. Semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices sharply fell; CDP chip and PET bottle chip prices also went lower...
Polyester filament market appears steady, China
On Monday, December 22, PTA, MEG prices continued to move higher; semi-dull and bright polyester chips lifted further and prices of CDP slice also rose. PET bottle chip price went up amid
Polyester filament market continue to remain dull, China
PTA, MEG prices saw a declining trend on Monday, July 28, along with CDP chips. Semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices moved downside with small trade volume; PET bottle slice...
Textile material prices show firm trend , China
PTA, MEG prices started to pick up and prices of semi-dull, bright polyester chips, CDP chip continued to climb up. PET bottle and polyester staple fiber price was also on the rise. Acrylic Staple
Daily textile price quotations - Mar 20, China
Today, PTA, MEG prices closed down slightly, semi-dull, bright polyester chip prices showed downward. CDP chip prices went flat.PET bottle cut prices were stable, prices of polyester staple fiber
Rayon yarn prices show rising trend, China
PTA price moved sideways, MEG price rose on September 10, 2007. Prices of semi-dull and bright polyester slightly gained, CDP chip, polyester bottle slice both went higher. PSF price was...
Polyester, viscose and cotton market round up, China
PTA prices rose xx Yuan per ton to x,xxx Yuan per ton on average for the week, average price of polyester staple fiber was
Cotton yarn market remain steady on Nov 20, China
On Monday, November 26, PTA price remained steady, MEG price fell further; prices of semi-dull, bright polyester chips, PSF price and CDP slice were adjusted. PET bottle slice price was dull...
Daily quotation of various textile materials on Jan 12, China
On Monday, January 12, PTA, MEG prices consolidated, semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices showed weak adjustment; CDP slice price looked stable; PET bottle chip price temporarily stabilized...
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