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Chinese polyester chip price trends sluggish, Hong Kong
On May 7, PTA spot prices still declined, MEG market continued to fall, polyester chips, super bright polyester chips appeared sluggish, CDP slice looked dull, PET bottle chips were temporarily
Polyester filament market shows weak trend, China
PTA, MEG prices remained stable, semi-dull, bright polyester chip prices were in adjustment. CDP price moved lower, price of PET bottle slice went sideways and PSF prices remained steady, on Monday, 6
Polyester filament market remains stable, China
On Monday, April 12, PTA prices went upward, MEG market price sunk in correction. Semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices settled dull. Prices of CDP chip and PET bottle slice showed a temporary
Market outlook likely to show weak adjustment trend, China
On Monday, December 8, PTA futures graph moves up; spot price slightly raised, MEG price adjusted, semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices increased. CDP chip price also shoot up. On the other
Polyester filament market to see cold-fire trend, China
On May 28, PTA prices moved sideways, MEG prices slightly upswept, prices of semi-dull and bright chips, PET bottle slice kept stable, CDP chips looked slightly weary and prices of polyester staple
April 21 witnesses a steady market for PF, China
This Monday, on April 21, PTA prices went under suppression, Acrylic staple 1.5 D × 38mm, acrylic top 3 D × 102mm prices were in consolidation; CPL, nylon 6 chip prices were...
Pure polyester yarn market stabilize, China
On Monday, January 7, PTA price moved little upwards, MEG price pulled back slightly, semi-dull polyester chips went higher, bright polyester chips, CDP chips and PET bottle showed consolidation in
Fibres & yarn prices on the move, China
Today, PTA, MEG prices rose, semi-dull, bright polyester chip prices also were upswept. CDP chip prices went sideways. PET bottle cut prices were stable. Prices of polyester staple fiber were...
Textile prices show firm trend, China
On April 23, PTA, MEG prices went up, prices of bright and semi-bright polyester chips, CDP chips, PET bottle cuts were stable. Price of polyester staple fiber kept firm. Acrylic staple fiber 1.5D ×
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