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Tuesday: Asian PTA prices jump up, Asia
PTA prices edged up in Asia due to lift in the buying sentiments in the region on Tuesday. In FE Asia, PTA prices inched higher by...
PTA prices decline last week in Asia, Asia
PTA prices dwindled in Asia in the last week due to dull buying sentiments in the region. In FE Asia, average prices decreased by...
Asian PTA prices decline past week, Asia
PTA prices went down in Asia in the last week on the back of poor demand trends in the region. In FE Asia, average prices slipped by...
Asian PTA industry on a roller coaster ride:Forecasts for 2013
Asia PTA Industry: Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) Is Used In Polyester Production and Strong Prices Hike in Asian PTA Industry. Asian PTA Manufacturers Would Plan For A Higher Plant Utilization
Asian PTA prices reduce last week, Asia
PTA prices decreased in Asia in the last week due to lack of buying interest in the region. In FE Asia, average prices fell by...
Asian PTA prices climb last week, Asia
PTA prices rose in Asia in the last week due to bullish demand in the region. In FE Asia, average prices stepped higher to...
Friday: Asian PTA prices reduce, Asia
PTA prices moved down in Asia on Friday due to poor product demand in the region. In FE Asia, PTA prices fell...
PTA prices display mixed movement in Asia, Asia
PTA prices portrayed mixed trend in Asia in the last week. In FE Asia, average prices were stable at...
Wednesday: Asian PTA prices inch down, Asia
PTA prices edged lower in Asia on Wednesday due to lethargic buying indications in the region. In Korea, PTA prices declined...
Thursday: Asian PTA prices step up, Asia
PTA prices moved higher in Asia on Thursday due to increase in buying in the region. In FE Asia, PTA prices rose to...
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