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Wednesday: PTA prices inch higher in Asia, Asia
PTA prices increased in Asia due to optimistic buying condition in the region on Wednesday. In Korea, PTA prices went up to...
Tuesday: Asian PTA prices steady , Asia
PTA prices remained unaffected in Asia on Thursday due to mute trading activity in the region. In FE Asia, PTA prices were stable at...
India imposes duty on PTA imports from Korea, Thailand, India
The Indian government has imposed anti-dumping duty on imports of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) from South Korea and Thailand for a period of five years. The duty will be in the range of $23.61/mt
Invista announces start-up of new PTA plant in China, China
Invista’s technology and licensing group, Invista Performance Technologies (IPT), Sichuan Shengda Chemical New Material Co, Ltd (Sichuan Shengda) and Sichuan Energy Investment Chemical New Material
Thursday: Asian PTA prices step up, Asia
PTA prices moved higher in Asia on Thursday due to increase in buying in the region. In FE Asia, PTA prices rose to...
Wednesday: Asian PTA prices inch down, Asia
PTA prices edged lower in Asia on Wednesday due to lethargic buying indications in the region. In Korea, PTA prices declined...
Asian PTA prices rise last week, Asia
PTA prices increased in Asia in the last week due to improved product demand in the region. In FE Asia, average prices surged...
Thursday: PTA prices edge higher in Asia, Asia
PTA prices climbed in Asia due to bullish buying in the region on Thursday. In FE Asia, PTA prices stepped up...
Asian PTA prices steady in last week, Asia
PTA prices remained unaffected in Asia in the last week due to subdued buying sentiments in the region. In FE Asia, average prices were constant at...
Friday: PTA prices improve in Asia, Asia
PTA prices enhanced in Asia on Friday due to good demand trends in the region. In FE Asia, PTA prices edged higher by...
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