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Garment Processing
Garment Processing
Denim Processing
Article on Denim Processing methods like pretreatment of denim, terms of denim as well as types of denim washes like chemical wash of jeans, mechanical washes of denim, Enzyme washing, denim
Processing of Carpets
Read Article on Processing of Carpets, Construction of Carpet, Various Coating Techniques, Capillary Systems in Carpets, Methods of dyeing carpets, Recent Developments in Carpet Dyeing, Carpet
Rugs Processing
Carpet is a textile floor covering that is distinguished from the more general term "rug" by being fixed to the floor surface and extending to every wall.
Green Processing
Green Processing for Environmental Pollution. Problems in processing textile materials caused Environmental Pollution like physical, chemical, biological. Green Processing of Textile Materials and
Due Process
Plain fabrics can look boring after a time, and the crucial value addition is done by processing. Two companies famous for their skills in textile ornamentation and processing reveal their processes.
Bio Processing In Textiles
Bio Processing In Textiles
Emerging trends in textile processing
Emerging trends in textile processing
Wet Processing Of Garment: Some Facts
Wet Processing Of Garment: Some Facts
An Introduction to Textile Processing Auxiliaries
Article By New Cloth Market On An Introduction To Textile Processing Auxiliaries And Also Describes Natural Auxiliaries For Textile Processing, Its Sizing Compounds, Coating Materials And Thickeners
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