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EliTe® CompactSet Processing Synthetic Fibres
It is therefore unavoidable to compensate the expanding demand for fibres by the growing world population and the additionally rising per capita consumption in many newly industrializing countries by
Use of enzymes in textile wet processing
Textile processing using enzymes, textile processing with the help of enzymes and Use of enzymes in textile wet processing for de-sizing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing and finishing.
An Overview of Different Processes of Jeans Bleaching
An Overview of Different Processes of Jeans Bleaching
Manufacturing process of Milk Fiber
Milk Fibre Manufacturing Process - Characteristics of milk fiber such as easy to dye under normal temperature and can be blended well with different fibers. History of Casein or Milk Fiber was
People, Process and Technology
Article on 3 Core Elements of Effective Retailing, Hurdle for Effective Retailing and Role of Technology in Retailing. Todays retail environment is tough. Shrinking budgets, layoffs, consolidation,
Environmental Impact of Textile Wet Processing
Environmental Impact Of Textile Wet Processing, The Textile Industry Is One Of The Most Pollution Creating Industry In Terms Of High Solid Waste, High Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)/ Chemical Oxygen
Precautions to Be Taken During Garment Manufacturing and Processing
Article By Ms Vijaya Shanbhag On Garment Manufacturing And Processing Precautions Of Structure Of The Garment Dyeing And Finishing Sectors. It Also Defines The Quality Control In Garment Processing,
Processing of Yarn Dyed Shirting Fabric
Processing of Yarn Dyed Shirting Fabric, Shirting Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric. Process of Quality of yarn, Selection of dyestuff, Selection of process and effect chemicals.
An Overview of Processing and Applications of Casein Fiber
Casein Fiber Applications - Casein fibers are being used in manufacturing various apparels. Casein Fiber Processing is very important. Casein fibers generally soften on heating, particularly when
Influence of Waterproof Processing on Hygienic Properties of Felt Footwear
Article cover Waterproof Processing for Shoes and Research Waterproof Processing improving of shoes upper components. In this article experiment investigate result of hydroscoicity, water vapour
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