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Interview: Vitali Graziano, President and MD, Mactec
Mactec provides equipment for the ageing of clothing items - dry process in simply words. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, Vitali Graziano, President and MD, Mactec, speaks about the strengths of
Interview: Sandeep and Sarah Shaikh Gonsalves, Founders, SS Homme
SS Homme celebrates the craft of traditional tailoring through the bespoke process while providing customers affordable luxury. Founders Sandeep and Sarah Shaikh Gonsalves share insights about the
Interview: Teresa Neal, Founder, Teresa Neal
Teresa Neal designs art inspired athleisure, bags, home textiles, and soon plans to come up with men's accessories. An art professional, Neal, speaks about the inspiration and the process of
Interview: Marco Girola, Marketing Manager, Kiian Digital
With its commitment to innovation and deep technical expertise, Kiian Digital offers high-quality sublimation, disperse and pigment inks. Marketing Manager Marco Girola explains the process of
Interview: Michael Harari, CEO, ColorZen
ColorZen’s technology is a revolutionary pre-treatment of the cotton fibre that makes the dyeing process both efficient and environment-friendly. The company’s proprietary technology requires a 50 per
Interview: Maria Giovanna Sandrini, Brand & Communication Manager, Aquafil SpA
Econyl regenerated nylon is a product of Aquafil, a leading manufacturer of synthetic fibres industry. Brand & communication manager, Maria Giovanna Sandrini talks about process of turning plastic
Interview: Ravi Kant Prakash, Design Head, Arvind Limited
A crucial role in the process of fabric manufacturing is played by the designer. Ravi Kant Prakash, design head at Arvind Limited, talks about the role of the designer.
Interview: Zuzana Gombosova & Susmith CS, Co-Founders, Malai
Malai is a bio-based material fermented in coconut water and natural fibres coming from agricultural waste. Co-founders Zuzana Gombosova and Susmith CS chat about the process of developing Malai and
Interview: Drew Walker, CEO, AGY Holding
Drew Walker is the CEO at AGY Holding. In an Interview, Management Dialogue with TechnicalTextile.Net. Drew Walke share manufacture glass fibres process and what kind of technology, machines,
Interview: Ian Russell, Chief Commercial Officer, Pireta
Pireta has developed a unique free-form process to add durable, conductive, metallic patterns to textiles without changing the fabric feel or performance. Chief commercial officer Ian Russell
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