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Textile looms Weaving at Top Speed Again
Article by Anirvan Ghosh & Tapash Talukdar, Textile Looms Weaving at Top Speed Again, garment exporters hire more as demand picks up, home textile demand has also doubled, director of Apparel
India's Textile Engineering Industry in the Global Trade
Article by P. Nayak and Shaikh Shakeel Ahamed, India’s Textile Engineering Industry in Global Trade, recent years, significant growth in readymade garment production, important steps, Technology
The International Cotton Market: Major Challenges
Article by www.icac.com, The International Cotton Market: Major Challenges, Cotton is widely produced agricultural and industrial crops, world cotton industry experiencing robust demand growth, more
Cut Resistance Behaviour of Fibres
Read The Article About Cut Resistant Fabrics Are Made With Polymeric And Non Polymeric High Performance Fibres Such As High Tenacity Polyester, Nylon, Loyotropic Polymer Fibres, Gel Spun Fibres And
Applications Of Nanotechnology In Textiles And Other Fields
Article By Yogesh D. Chinchole And Ram U. Saraskar, Applications Of Nanotechnology In Textiles And Other Fields, Nanotechnology Emerging Interdisciplinary Technology, Nanosize Entities And Employing
Nanoscale Finishing Of Textiles Via Plasma Treatment
Article By G.Buyle On Nanoscale Finishing Of Textiles Via Plasma Treatment As Plasmas Have The Crucial Advantage Of Reducing The Usage Of Chemicals In Textile Materials Processing. Plasma Equipment
Getting Digital with Textile Printing
Article By Fibre2fashion, Digital Textile Printing Meets Individual Fashion Design Concepts, Special Textile Inks Are Applied To Textiles Directly And Are Absorbed By The Fibers, Digital Printing
'White Gold' from the land of pharaohs: Egyptian
Article By Fibre2fashion, ‘White Gold’ From The Land Of Pharaohs: Egyptian, Egyptian Cotton Famous As The Pyramids Of Giza And Today Has Become Favorite Material For Apparel Manufacturers, Rich Soil
Glimpses on the Textile Product Market in India
Article By P Nayak On Glimpses On The Textile Product Market In India As Three Principal Components Define The Indian Textile Market Are Domestic Household Market, Non-Hosehold Consumption, Textile
Waterproof Breathable Fabrics
Article By Mrs. P. M. Katkar On Waterproof Breathable Fabrics, Waterproof Textile, Which May Be Defined As Intelligent Waterproof Fabric. Waterproof Fabric Completely Prevents The Penetration And
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