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Cotton or Poly Cotton Fabric
The most popular fabrics for work clothes are 100% cotton & poly-cotton blend. But which is the best choice? Read on to choose the best according to needs.
Greening The Supply Chain
Greening The Supply Chain
Old Clothes Don't Have To End Up In a Landfill
Textile Recycling Industry aims to divert textile waste from solid waste. Most common practice of recycling textiles is reuse - deconstruction/resale/donation.
Vintage Denim At What Cost To Environment?
Vintage Denim Garments demand is any day increasing day by day and processing of denim garments has an adverse impact on environment in number of ways.
Six Sigma in the Textile Industry
Textile/ Fashion Houses/ Export Houses or Buying Houses have potential of applying Six Sigma for improving profit strategies. Textile is the leading sector in Indian economy in terms of employment,
Impact of Contaminations on Yarn and Fabric Quality
Impact of Contaminations on Yarn and Fabric Quality: Contaminations deciding quality of cotton apart from essential properties such as length, strength, fineness. Contamination, even if it is a single
Coir Fiber
Coir fibers found in a coconut. Types of coir fibers are white coir fibre, brown coir fibre, coconut coir fibers. Coir Fibre Industry, & coir fibre exporters of India have become famous worldwide.
Rug Fibres Explained
Rug Fibres and Carpet Fibres Explained: Quality of fibers used in rugs and carpets will provide you idea about quality of Rugs, Carpets and Cost. Read more about Rug Fibres,Carpet Fibres,Rug
Growth of Carbon Fibres Industry and Application
Carbon Fibre & Carbon Fiber: Growth of Carbon Fibres Industry and Carbon Fibres Application. Learn more about Carbon Fiber,Carbon Fiber Industry,Carbon Fiber Applications at Fibre2fashion.
Development of Product Using Reclaimed Fibers
Development of Reclaimed Fibers: Reclaimed Fibers are from a secondary cycle of processing. Use of Reclaimed Fibers and Textiles are benefit for environment, needed people. 97% of post consumer
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