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What has Cotton ever done for us?
Use of Cotton: Cotton is widely being used in manufacturing of t-shirts and other clothing, cotton wool, upholstery and sanitary products. Use of Cotton in T-Shirts & Clothing,Importance of Cotton
Environmental Issues of Textile Units at Tirupur
Tirupur Textile Units: Environmental Issue of Textile Industry at Tirupur has increased and Tamilnadu Textile Industry, Tirupur Textile Factory is facing Environmental problems associated with the
Silk - the Prospective and Compatible Bio-material for Advanced Functional Applications
Biomaterials Silk: Silks are natural materials with extraordinary mechanical properties such as high tensile strength and biological compatibility. Various Silk based Biomaterials; Silk Protein
'Comfort Mapping' to Enhance Next Generation Sportswear
Comfort Mapping: Comfort mapping Technology is take account of the spatial distribution of heat and moisture production in different parts of the body by using different textile materials. Advantages
Indian Cotton Prints of the Nineteenth Century
Indian Cotton Prints: Textile Cotton Prints, Cotton Print Design of Nineteenth Century which actually produced in India and Indian Textile Print Design, Indian Cotton Prints Design are widely popular
Engineered Fibres & Fabrics for Active Sportswear
Engineered Fibres & Fabrics for Active Sportswear: Recent development in fibres, yarns, fabrics for applications in active sportswear and activewear fabric. Engineered sports garments are
Sewing Threads & their Technical Applications
Sewing threads small diameter yarns satisfy the needs of end use applications in many technical textile aspects. Know different types of industrial sewing threads qualities and their technical
Dyeing Stain on Knit City’s Future
The chemical processing units in the town had been shut down for the last three months due to the mooting of environmental degradation in the Noyyel River.
Manufacturing & Applications of Jute Fiber Composites
Manufacturing & Applications of Jute Fiber Composites - The specific modulus of jute fiber is higher than that of glass fiber and modulus per cost of jute fiber is also high. In addition, the jute
Spider Silk - Properties and Uses
Spider Silk Uses For Spiders - Constructing their webs, the production of egg sacs, wrapping in their prey, as a life line when jumping, or dropping to escape, for transferring semen from the abdomen
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